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  1. On board now. We thought wonderland was great on the SOS. Not so much on the HOTS.
  2. Status aside if I booked 3 cabins and someone got and upgrade besides me, I'd be mad. Especially when they are in the concierge lounge. 😂
  3. If your going to St Marteen. They have great prices.
  4. Looking for someone to split costs on the HOTS March 1. Just me and my wife will let you have lounge bed and all the free waters. I feel $200 would be fair.
  5. Take a screenshot of your set sail pass card before getting on ship, internet may not work and could hold you up for drinks.
  6. I've never had a charge for a drink. And definitely recommend getting drink package. If you drink at all and plan on buying any package.
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