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  1. I wrote the truth. Booked balcony upgraded to grand suite - it’s a fact no dollars asked for or paid c,mon .........?
  2. I did say “it,s great that my friends have the upgrade” of course I’m happy for them. The shock came as several loyalty ambassadors on board our previous cruises have specifically told us “any available upgrades are offered to loyayalty members first “ I also said that all 6 of us have a drinks package so free drinks are not relevant. So perhaps someone can explain why They joined the loyalty program? My understanding of the loyalty program was that the company would reward loyal customers maybe some people are happy to spend many thousands on cruises so that first timers can benefit Maybe the company are cleverer than some cruisers - upgrade the first timers and hope they become “loyalty members” who will, in turn fund the next upgrade for first timers Thank you for your views and comments, very interesesting to see how people have diffferent interpretations of the loyalty program and what I wrote
  3. Royal Up. Is it something you can apply for. Not heard of it in the UK
  4. If you mean a mess up? Then they certainly didn’t attempt to clean up
  5. I made all 3bookings and my email was on all 3 reservations when we called they said everyone in cabin allocation office had left and there is nothing they can do until Monday. The ship sails Monday and d we don’t want to embarrass either couple at the port by raising the issue at the port we are very surprised that they gave a two category upgrade to a first time cruise over a loyal cruiser
  6. NO they did not ask apparently “the company” have no control over who gets. Upgraded its computerised
  7. CROWN AND ANCHOR MEMBERS Anybody suffered disloyalty from rccl Me and my husband are diamond plus members, we booked 3 cabins, 1 for us and one each for friends who are. Are all first time cruisers we booked the same category cabin, at the same price at the same time with the same rccl staff member. He gave us individual booking reference nos. But I specifically asked for all three bookings to be linked so that what we could sit at the same table etc. Me and my husband both celebrate our birthday on next weeks dubai cruise!! On 24th dec we received email saying that diamond plus members would not be allowed into concierge due to high number of loyalty memberbers on board - ok, not the Christmas present we would expect but as all 6 of us have a drinks package we didn’t worry too much HOWEVER, this is where the DISLOYALTY really hurts. We receive an email saying there was a change to one of our friends reservation. - they have been upgraded from balcony to Grand Suite. That’s great for them, a kick in the teeth for us LOYALTY MEMBERS do you all realise that first time cruisers get upgrades over loyalty members WHAT IS THE BENEFIT OF BEING LOYAL TO RCCL? we called the office to explain our surprise and disappointment at being snubbed but were told the office who allocate cabins had left (this was 2pm USA time) so nothing they could do LOYALTY MEMBERS BEWARE OF DISLOYALTY FROM RCCL
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