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  1. Hi Robin, 1) You can bring water on board. The only thing is that non-alcoholic beverages brought onboard may not exceed 12 standard (17 oz) cans, bottles or cartons per stateroom. Distilled water or specialized beverages such as, milk for medical purposes, dietary or infant use, are permitted. You are also allow to bring 2 750ml bottles of wine per stateroom. 2) I have never been to St. John’s so I’m not sure but if you get the Shipmate app you can get your questions answer. They have a feature for each port to ask questions to other travelers that have been to that particular port. It’s a great app!
  2. It is also on the 25th of August. 🙂
  3. Thank y’all for the responses! My husband and I are still debating about the drink package but more than likely we will purchase. Thanks!
  4. I will be going on the Liberty of the Seas at the end of August and I am debating whether or not to purchase the drink package. I found some recent drink menus that had premium drinks at $13 but the drink price limit is $12. Most of the $13 drinks had premium liquor which is included in the drink package. So I am confused as to why it should be an extra $1 or $2 dollars. I don’t want to buy the drink package just to pay extra on drinks. Has anyone had an issue with this?
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