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  1. Traveling on The RCL Adventure of the Seas does anyone know what time the pool and jacuzzi's stay open until at night time??? Thank you!!! ?
  2. Yes my husband said he would carry it in a recyclable bag or put in his luggage seeing how he doesn't pack as much lol....we aren't flying or going too far to a port. Just CT to NYC....on past cruises with NCL and carnival they let us borrow fans (not every ship had them though) ....thank you...
  3. I was just curious if anyone knows if I can bring a fan on board with me? I Have controlled asthma but there are times when an asthma attack just comes on all of a sudden triggered by severe seasonal allergies....so I find it helpful and more comfortable sleeping with a fan on me plus it helps rotate the air conditioning. Which brings me to my next question....is the air conditioning comfortable on Adventure of the seas? Has anyone had any issues? Thank you ?
  4. @Skid Wow those are some wonderful pointers!! Do you know if there are any themed party nights? I know with NCL they always had a white party no matter what boat and no matter what sailing you are on....is there anything that Royal is "known" for to definitely have? Any like 80's dress up nights or anything like that, that you are aware of?? I tried looking in the cruise compass but couldn't find anything....unless I just didn't see it.....thanks ?
  5. @ChessE4 Thanks so much!! and Thank you for your input....I am so use to NCL and the big shows with them....so its hard to transfer to a totally different company and class of ships....(This is our first time ever sailing with Royal, we wanted to try something different and I especially wanted to try Coco Cay (key?) it's my husband's 40th birthday....I did want to go with something big like Harmony or Symphony but we were trying to leave closer to home to save on air because we just did a big Disney World Trip in January....so that's why we are leaving out of NYC on Adventure of the Seas....
  6. @Fuzzywuzzy Thank you so much!! Thanks, I will be sailing the August 23rd from NYC.....Hope you and enjoy your trip!!! and thank you for everyone elses tips and thoughts and advice.... TY @JBC @Matt @KathyC @JLMoran @Skid I really appreciate it!!! I am use to sailing NCL....it is my husband's 40th BDAY so we are trying a new ship....(well new cruiseline).... ? HAPPY CRUISING everyone!!! ~~Amy from CT
  7. Just Curious if Anyone has recently sailed on Adventure of the seas and what Broadway shows are currently going on and what other shows/entertainment in the theatre is being offered?? I am going in August 2019...... Thanks, Amy
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