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  1. Thanks for reading last time! I'm still fairly confident in September Cruising. The next week or so is going to be very informational on helping to open up the NY and NJ. - -------- Pre cruise update - I looked down and realized that i never lost the cruise weight... and i might have found a couple other people weight since then too. Then I looked back at the video of me going down the slide at the overwater cabana and realized i didn't get in shape for the last cruise either ... so i never lost the weight from my 2018 cruise... whoops! I have 132 days to lo
  2. We were not able to pick our cabana. The water was around 5 feet deep. I'm 5 11 and i touched the bottom in most spots and my head was above the water. Don't think it would be shallower if you had one closer to shore with the way they were built. I was in cabana #10 , one of the 4 end units with the most open water to the sides
  3. I used to travel a lot and Newark was one of my least favorite airport areas to stay in. Another vote for embassy suites here, at least you feel safe there. At the very least go for the bigger chain hotels, like others have said even then it can be a gamble. You really aren't going to want to be in the wrong spot of Newark. Not a ton to do right there either, only thing worth seeing close IMO would be the Liberty Science Center / Liberty State Park.. I have zero interest in going into the city unless it's for Broadway or Mastro's steakhouse (if you like high end steakhouses this is
  4. Lots of fellow posters on my cruise! @Shari3 Thanks for reading my last blog. You are going to have a great time in the Beach Club! The food was amazing, and it was a great quiet upscale area! @coneyraven Yup I'm in that "other board". Only posted a few times there so far. I like it here better! @Tiffeven A fellow Star on this cruise! My daughter is 9, I'd say they should meet up in the kids club but i think now that shes 9 shes in a new group. Not sure if that grouping depends on how many kids are signed up or not? Last sailing we had some people sailing w
  5. We have been doing antibody tests for a week now. Script from doctor for Blood draw (SARS CoV 2 AB IgG). We use Quest and get results back in 24 hours most times. We are mostly testing people who had symptoms at some point at the moment. We like a min of 4 weeks without symptoms, pref 6 weeks or we wont order the test I assume most places NJ would be able to order it since Quest / Labcorp are offering it.
  6. Sounds like a drinking challenge to me. Game on!
  7. Same sailing! It will sail! Have faith!!!
  8. We gotta make it feel like we touching the brain or it will be inaccurate
  9. I booked in September out of Jersey. Very confident we will be sailing.
  10. I'm in Jersey as well. Guessing you went to one of those pop up drive thru test sites. They should come back sooner than 5 days. As for the salva test, it can technically be done already most places. It's just not a preferred collection method. We can do it but out of the couple hundred tests we've run out of my office we have done exactly zero that way.
  11. Good luck! The test isn't that bad, same as a flu test. Result times vary depending on the lab. Instant tests are not common place yet. Our turn around is 24 -72 hours for nasal swabs currently. 5-10 days is on the very long side of things. What state are you in? Antibody test has been steady at 24 hours but that's a blood test and not helpful until weeks after you are done being sick.
  12. Great info thanks! I'll probably skip asking for them to unpack for me.I will be taking advantage of the laundry service. I plan on bring a lot more cloths since I don't have to worry about flight luggage. I enjoy being in dress cloths for dinner even if its not formal night, wrinkle release just doesn't cut it for me.Tons of storage in this suite which will be great for how much I can image my wife will be brining as well. I was excited to try wonderland but doesn't look it is on Oasis which I thought was odd. I'm on Anthem next year so I'll set my chance.
  13. Main reason I asked was i read an interview with a genie (Reyno) from years back and he mentioned it. Sounded much more like a butler experience though.
  14. So I wonder is it a fairly common request to have the genie unpack for you? My wife may want to do hers herself but I'm going to have some things that need to be pressed and I am awful at putting away clothes. Are there any other tours? Been on the bridge, looking forward to a gally tour and behind the scenes of the shows... what about engine room? Any super secret things I should be asking for?
  15. I had the wow band in January on Harmony. Loved it, not a single problem anywhere. Biggest issue i had with them is they wanted us to take them off on the waterslides which was inconvenient . Pro tip. Wear it upside down ( the circular side on the bottom of your wrist) for easy scanning at the bars. This way you dont have to contort your hand every time you get a drink. Slightly harder to get into the room wearing it like this but i was getting drinks way more than going in and out of my room. As for the getting drink for your partner, i had varied results with getting
  16. Thanks! Got my bday cake and some benihana takeout. Pretty nice bday concedering not able to go anywhere
  17. Thanks! Kinda funny that i posted that gif about noone signing my birthday poster. Came home early today and there is a birthday poster on my front door that people are coming over to sign lol. The wife also put 40s all over the house... just wait til her 10th anniversary of her 30th birthday happens...
  18. I'm sure I'll still have a great day, just wish i could be doing something more for the big four zero. I usually take off work on my Birthday but can't this year.
  19. Today is my quarantined 40th birthday... Looking back it was 2 years ago on my birthday that we went on our first cruise. It was on Disney Dream. I have to say that vacation was the best vacation i ever had. Everything was perfect. Now I'm hooked on cruising. I'm not going to blast this blog with pics from a different cruise but there is one picture from my birthday 2 years ago on the ship that stands out. My wife ordered one of those special ice cream things that had like 100 scopes and the concierge brought it up to the lounge. It was great. here's a pic with our con
  20. By September I'm thinking they wont have restrictions like that. Unless things kick up again in fall. This entire year is just a crapshoot when it comes to planning.
  21. Oh yeah. I have the whole weeks meals mapped out as a placeholder. That is my only set in stone slot. Wish i didn't have to miss it last time.
  22. Itinerary Cape Liberty – Cruising – Port Canaveral - Perfect Day at CocoCay - Nassau – Cruising – Cape Liberty So, there are 2 negatives with this itinerary. First, it is the exact same ports as the cruise we booked next year. Second, we have been to all the ports already too. Both are not deal breakers by any means though. We used to live in Florida and the in-laws live there. We can still see them without them being there for the entire vacation! Win win! Still not sure what we are going to do in FL just yet, Space Coast or Disney most likely. Florida is somewhe
  23. This board has been a little light since everything has shut down. Since I wasn’t invited to the fake cruise, I figured I’d follow in @Lovetocruise2002 shoes and just start a blog a little early (I mean 5 months will be here in no time). Sorry if this is a bit wordier than the usual. Writing about and planning vacations helps calm me. I have been under an extreme amount of stress at work and this is my mental getaway. The basics! A 7-night cruise on the recently amplified Oasis of the Seas in the in an Ultimate Panoramic Suite, a new stateroom on the sh
  24. From what I've read the crews do pretty long tours on the ships. Some still seem to be on board even as things aren't running. How seemless do you think service quailty will be when things resume? Layoffs and furloughs are likely to effect employee retention. Guess I'm worried there may be a lot of unseasoned crew. Cruise lines are taking huge hits, how they rebound as things open back up will be critical to passenger experiences .
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