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  1. They have both electronic and cards. They have daubers but often run out. Bring your own if you plan on using the cards. Electronic cards cost extra I think.
  2. I've just put the heavy chair to hold it open in the past.
  3. We always stay at the Residence Inn about a mile away from the terminal.
  4. RCI shore excursion to Atlantis used to include the water taxi. I do not know if it still does. You left from outside the terminal building, traveled over to Atlantis dock. Took about 30 minutes. You got a little tour along the way. The walk to Atlantis is a little ways, but not impossible 5-10 minutes. I don't recall how often the taxi left Atlantis. Every 30 minutes I think, but could be wrong.
  5. Should be one just past the Country Inn and Suites and Residence Inn on the same side of the road. I think it is the Race Trac station that is pictured. It is only like 100 yards from the Hertz.
  6. RCCL usually offers a shore excursion to view "the Dig" and the rest of the aquarium. Check your cruise planner. Includes transportation to and from Atlantis. Cost less than $100 per person. Currently listed for $55.99 on my up coming cruise. Atlantis also has a beach break for about $70 pp. Includes access to aquarium and I think includes a fast food lunch. You can purchase on their web site. Does not include transportation.
  7. The hotel at the terminal is very nice. Pan Pacific. Stanley park is close. Can ride the red tour bus and get off anywhere and get back on all day. We visited the aquarium in Stanley Park. Spent the night in VC due connecting flight issues. It was fun and glad we did.
  8. I do not believe so. RCI will not allow you to cancel/combine other rooms if you bid is accepted. Your bid is only good for those in the room you are book in at the time of the bid.
  9. I've got two DD. We for years have gotten them a connecting room for just your reasoning. Many ships have a JS with connecting OB. Usually only one or two of these per ship. May also be a GS with OB?. We are doing the Mariner double dip in Aug 2020 on Mariner.
  10. How many are in your party? Grand suites are only on deck 10 forward of the hump. Two bedroom GS at the rear of the ship. Sailed on Mariner and stayed in a GS on starboard side. No problems. GS is still my favorite room layout.
  11. Most ships have a tailor and he will come to your room to measure for a Tux. Let your stateroom attendant know he will give you the number or call for you.
  12. 4-5 nights suit and tie for me. Longer I'll rent a Tux on the ship. Our first cruise in 1999 had two formal nights and two semi-formal nights. That's a lot of dressing up. And boy did we have a lot of clothes on that cruise.
  13. Feel free to chime in and correct me if I'm wrong. I'm not sure many if any of the ports of call can handle an Oasis Class ship. Also the Canadian/North East cruises are an older crowd. Much of the Oasis Deck Activities would be wasted as it is a colder weather cruise.
  14. Deck 6 JS is great. Quick access to Boardwalk and Grand Promenade. I avoid connecting rooms if possible, but I would not worry to much about it.
  15. That area was replaced with more cabanas and I did not see a like area in June of 2019. I missed the old cabana area. It was cheaper and came with a upgraded lunch. The new South Beach Club will included an upgraded lunch menu. I think the current fee is reasonable for admittance to the area. The cabanas are still pricey.
  16. If you have a late departure time I would recommend checking out the Atlantis site. They have many different encounters and things to do at less cost than RC. Just take a cab over from the port and back again. The biggest risk, as I see it, is if the ship changes its itinerary and you lose your ticket price.
  17. Love the tour. Consider bringing a bathing suit and towel. You can go down to the beach and swim if you like.
  18. Booked one for Day 2 at Coco Cay on Mariner, Aug 2020. $1499. Doing the cabanas at the Thrill Water Park on Day 1 at CoCo Cay. Waiting to read and see what the floating cabanas are like.
  19. That what I thought I remembered. Thanks.
  20. If the ship has not visited a foreign port yet is CBP required or is this a newer requirement?
  21. I'd consider the Spacious Ocean View Balcony if the current price is more than $300 than your current cabin. As for a JS, it is not much larger on most ships than a Spacious Ocean View Balcony. A GS is very nice upgrade and if you want the extra space I'd do it. I love the room layout of a GS.
  22. The title says it all. Looking forward to a New England and Canada Cruise in 2022.
  23. In June got there about 10. By 10:15 they were calling for suites and Diamonds to board. Did not even get a chance to sit and eat a cookie. It seems to get easier and faster every time in Port Canaveral.
  24. As Enchantment was our first she holds a special place. The magic of boarding, the great dinner partners, the great shows, the great itinerary, and the great food, made our first cruise very special back in 1999. As of today I would say Harmony. Our last cruise was great.
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