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  1. I’m booked on 9 night Bermuda and Caribbean (Adventure OTS). There isn’t an itinerary like this for next year. The closest is 9 night Eastern on Oasis. Think I could lift and shift?
  2. I’m new to RC so I’m really clueless! Thanks for your help!
  3. Mine too. I was thinking it was a good price but wanted to check with the experts on here before pulling the trigger!
  4. What’s the lowest price the 3 night package goes? I’m cruising Adventure if that matters.
  5. Great to hear! I’m going to text him. How can I not after these glowing reviews! Thanks.
  6. I know this is an older post, but I’m thinking of giving him a call for a cruise in August. How many people can he accommodate? We are traveling with a group of 11. Even if he couldn’t fit us all, does he have a partner/friend that we could travel in a group?
  7. I’m a new cruiser too (only 1 under my belt). Same thing happened to me after cruising! I had no effects on board then felt it when I got home. The only thing that helped was time on land. I have another cruise booked, so hoping it gets better with each sailing!
  8. Oh I’d be way to paranoid to attempt online. I’m just going to play it safe and keep it. I was comfortable paying the original price anyway, so I’m not going to risk it. Thanks to you seasoned cruisers for the input!
  9. I just saw that there’s a better price in the cruise planner for an excursion that I booked but has been sold out for months. Am I able to call RC and cancel/rebook at the cheaper price, or is it too risky that someone may snatch it up in the process? Savings would be $80.
  10. I’m sailing Aug 2020 and purchased a bungalow a while ago. Just checked cruise planner and it’s shown as purchased but grayed out, so assuming it’s sold out. Keep checking! Good luck!
  11. I used a private company last year from our Disney hotel to PC. There were 12 of us so it was more economical that way. They also had smaller vehicles. If the board permits, I’d be happy to pass on the name, as we were very satisfied.
  12. I’m also new and this community is fantastic! Everyone is so helpful and positive and always has answers. Keep it up experts!
  13. I originally was planning on sailing DCL summer 2020 (even booked a placeholder on our sailing last summer) but changed my plans after seeing the disappointing DCL itineraries and prices for then. I’m now booked on 2 rooms on RC for less than what I would have paid for 1 room on DCL. To throw another option out there for you - check out the sailings from NJ. There are some including Orlando, so maybe you can get a Disney fix there. Good luck in your decision!
  14. Thanks for the info! I’ll keep an eye out!
  15. I’d splurge on the cabana in Grand Cayman or chef’s table. If you’re booked on 5 other sailings, I’d want to splurge in port since ship activities will always be available. However, the chef’s table sounds amazing and I’m going to look into it for my Adventure sailing!
  16. I have plenty of time until I sail (Aug 2020 on Adventure of the Seas), but what’s the best option/deal for someone who wants to purchase: - Voom for 2 devices (just want to be able to text via iPhone between each other and home) - Deluxe drink package for 2 adults We are first time RC cruisers and have time to wait for a sale (from what I read it seems Black Friday sales are best?), but I’d like to have an idea on what to keep an eye out for.
  17. Thanks, that’s what I thought. People in a fb group I’m in stated otherwise (saying that RC reps said some were when they called). Knew you guys would have the answer!
  18. Do any of connecting the rooms on Adventure have balconies that are able to be opened/connected? I thought that the balconies weren’t capable of this on this ship. Just wanted some clarification from the experts on here!
  19. I'm not sailing till next August and when I saw the bungalows available in the cruise planner we reserved 2 for our party of 11, thanks to all of the helpful info from you guys! Thanks for the help!
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