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  1. Brilliance of the Seas, April 11, 2019! 🙂 Yup, in 2 days
  2. Goals. 🙂 I'll go take my soon to be 16 points and cry in the corner, ha! One day I'll get there!
  3. I've looked too. Nothing anywhere near the port that you could leave your car. And the Superchargers aren't in the most ideal areas either in relation to my route. Luckily I'm 76 miles away from the port so I could make it there and back even with the battery drain from the car sitting in a garage for 5 days without any issue. Still gives me anxiety though! 😄 I'm sure SOMEWHERE in that garage is a 110V plug. But nothing showing up on Plugshare as of yet. And chances that someone else is already in that spot.
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