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  1. Just realized this was just posted prior with an answer given... oh well I am new to this
  2. Forgive me if this was asked in a prior thread... My wife and I are traveling in a GS and the 2 kids in a connecting OV balcony. If I buy the unlimited photo package under my reservation, can I link it so that it will include photos of them as well? This obviously would be relevant for solo pics of them not including my wife or myself. We have 2 reservation numbers but they seem to be linked for everything so far.
  3. I just re-booked my Thrill Water Park Cabana on Navigator Jan 2020 for $299 down from $499!!!
  4. @Bob_KY how many days out did you get your room assignment?
  5. then no need to call, I'm not nervous just thought by now with ship being sold out and so close to sailing they would have assigned it already
  6. @alwayscruzin both my luggage tags and mobile set sail pass say GTY
  7. Hey All, First time in the forums! Got a couple of questions: I am sailing next week on Harmony of the Seas (Feb 24th 2019) and have not been assigned a cabin yet, I booked the Suite Guarantee (XS). Does it make sense to contact RC or just wait till its assigned/check-in? For the set sail pass, I checked in using the mobile app and I can see our Set Sail Passes (they do no show a room as it has not been assigned) however I can not obtain any set sail pass when I log in to their site. Was wondering if this is due to not yet being assigned a room?
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