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  1. Buy the Relief Band on Amazon. It wears like a watch and emits an eclectic pulse that disrupts the nerve that controls nausea and vomiting. It has five levels of pulses. You just keep adjusting up until you feel better. I bought mine for $80. I can’t even look at the water or watch my kids play video games. I was good to go with this. Going through the Gulf Stream didn’t bother me at all. It does feel strange at first so I recommend trying it on at home so she knows what the pulse feels like. These are also recommend for cancer patients going through chemo and severe morning sickness.
  2. You are going to love Island Time Charters. They are just the best. I can’t say enough great things about them. We had Captain Eugene for the day. We did a private beach after we swam with sea turtles. It had a little bar/restaurant. The conch fritters were so good. They will take you pretty far about to catch the best snorkeling. Enjoy it
  3. @Steve L just a couple of questions for you When you book through Orbitz do you get access to the Cruise Planner for scheduling? How long did it take Orbitz to apply the on board credit? Thanks in advance
  4. You are going to love Island Time Charters. They live up to their great TripAdvisor reviews. We had Captian Eugene for a half day snorkel and swim with sea turtles. It was worth every penny...especially when you go past the peeps who booked the excursions that pack you shoulder to shoulder on the boat. We did two snorkel dives. The first was at a sunken boat. Not many fish, but it gives everyone a chance to get use to the equipment before they take you out further. The second stop is where all the fish are. Hope you enjoy your adventure
  5. @SpeedNoodles I recommend trying them on at home so you can get used to the way it feels. The tingle feeling in your hand is strange at first. Not terrible just strange. I used setting 3 all last week and my husband used 5 through the Gulf Stream.
  6. @SpeedNoodles another reason to get the Relief Band I mentioned in another post. Just move it off your Amazon wishlist into your cart. It helps after the cruise as well. I didn’t have a single issue crossing the Gulf Stream last week. A bunch of people didn’t feel so great.
  7. @MotleyCruiser We had production crew laminates for OTB and the crew guys were talking about how much the MOR crowd drinks. They did say they love working that cruise. It’s crazy to see how hard those folks work. They were looking forward to a week break between cruises. I know you have a lot of shows scheduled, but if you get a chance to see The Mariner Jazz Collective do it. They were only listed on the daily cruise compass and seemed to play mainly in Boleros. They are so good and have only been played together for a couple months. Everyone who walked by stopped...they had a huge crowed of artists listening to them.
  8. @MotleyCruiser We got the Mariner warmed up for you last week. Royal did have the regular drink packages available for the On the Blue cruise. So many day drinkers. It was hilarious to watch. Hope you have the best time!
  9. @MotleyCruiser are the specialty restaurants open during these cruises? I will be on the “on the blues” cruise leaving Feb. 10th. I have never done one of these cruises, but my husband is in the music industry and one of the sponsors. The promoter is letting me tag along. I know it’s the same promoter as your cruise. Do they offer the soda and drink packages? Do you normally get a cruise compass confirmation? We haven’t gotten anything yet, but they said artists and sponsor don’t usually get them until ten days before. Thanks for your help,
  10. I highly recommend the Relief Band. I bought the 1.5 version off Amazon for a recent cruise. You apply the provided gel and place on your wrist like a backwards watch. It emits an eclectic pulse that disrupts the nerve activity that controls nausea and vomiting. You can feel the electric pulse in your hand. It does feel strange at first, but I got used to it. In calm water I kept it on level one. Crossing the Gulf Stream I bumped it up to level two. Hospitals use these for chemo patients and severe morning sickness. I can’t even watch my kids play video games. I was able to sit on the deck and watch the waves with no problems. Curtains moving in the dining rooms didn’t bother me. I wore it a few days after the cruise and it helped with that back on land feeling. The band isn’t cheap, but was absolutely worth every penny.
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