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  1. Yeah for sure. I hadn't seen it until this morning, so I was confused when I saw you mention 4 ships til I saw Ty updated it as people mentioned where it was available. Thanks for having a good sense of humor with itNever know these days. I have the Key for my trip in April on Navigator. Very excited for the experience!
  2. With the updated list, this sure backfired in hindsight lol just messing with ya
  3. If it is available for your ship, it is in the cruise planner under the "Internet & More" tab of all things.
  4. Hey @mickjacket ! There was another thread for this you can find here: Seems like it has been hit or miss on this program. People usually don't find out until a few days before sailing so just keep any eye out on your emails. I haven't gotten an offer yet so I don't have any experience with it myself, but I don't sail til April so we shall see. Good luck!
  5. I'm a Blues fan and even I would want to buy that lol. Not to wear of course . Can't let the Blackhawk colors touch my skin, it burns. BUT, that'd be a cool piece to frame.
  6. I would be HIGHLY shocked if it became a free food option. That would require RC to pay the corporate owners of Johnny Rockets for their product when they already have passengers paying for it. My guess would be it is going to be a smaller venue for to go options only. Quick lunch/snacks, things like that. Less space for a full sit down restaurant that probably isn't as busy as most. Opens up area for new things. I'm sure someone will be on it sooner, but I'll be on Navigator in April. If no one verifies before then, I'll report back.
  7. Haha I got a good laugh out of it! You are probably pretty accurate about the hat though Then again I'm from the STL metro area too so maybe that is just our humor. Once you are in cruise planner ordering it, it is clear. But I can see how just by looking at that menu pic it can be confusing.
  8. I believe it refers to the champagne served as being unlimited. According to the cruise planner description "Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of larger-than-life kitchen operations as you tour our Galley — and then savor a spectacular brunch paired with bottomless bubbly. "
  9. Hey Kyle! (Great name btw) I have purchased the Key for my upcoming cruise in April. Its a 5 night and first cruise in over 10 years (first solo so not Diamond or anything that gets perks). We ended up deciding it was worth it at $20/day ($100) just from the math. Voom surf and stream for 1 device is $18/day right now I believe which is $90 already. I was not completely sold on Voom because I kind of want to be disconnected from everything for the week, but seeing how half our group is on another deck it would make it easier to reach people, plus always good to have service just in case you want or need it. The Chops Grille Lunch is included on embarkation day which goes for $22. I've always wanted to try it, plus no fighting the crowds at WJ. Just with those two it is $112, so already worth getting it. For me all the extra perks of priority on/off ship, reserved show seats, etc is all just a big bonus at a very reasonable price to enhance my cruise. My 3 friends I'm going with, it is their 1st cruise so I want things to be a great as it can be. If you are not going to use the flowrider/shows or didn't want Voom, obviously the value isn't there. Or some have stated that price outweighs value over longer cruises like 9 day+ which makes sense too. But for me, as a non suite, non-perk C&A level, $100 for all the extras to enhance the experience was a no brainer. Hope you have a great time!
  10. April 7th, 2019 Navigator of the Seas! Excited for my first cruise in about 12 years. I'm going to be a newbie all over again!
  11. @OrlandoC Thanks for the pictures! If possible, I'm even more excited for my cruise in April 2019 for these bungalows!
  12. I had this exact same issue last week when I was trying to book one for myself and friends when we go to Labadee (April 2019). . At first I thought the same and selected the two in my cabin and two in the other cabin that was part of my party thinking it had to be under all of our names (I was paying for it as their Christmas gift). Freaked me out for a bit when the $250 bungalow was suddenly $1000. I ended up calling in to confirm and what everyone is saying is correct. You just have to purchase it under one name or they will charge you for a bungalow per the person you select Just buy it under your name in Cruise Planner for 1 person (as the rate is for the bungalow not per person) and you should be good to go! Enjoy!
  13. I'm assuming this goes for Voyager Class (Navigator of the Seas) as well?
  14. Last nights game was rough against Detroit. I think the MLS chances are very good, especially with private funding its a no brainer. New stadium will be good for Union Station area, although something needs to be done with old EDJ dome. Just sitting there all sad and empty (DO NOT mention XFL...). Cards...ask me after the offseason lol huge fan but its going to be a lot more of the same if we don't address some glaring issues in pitching and middle of the order. But before everyone starts hating the new guy for turning this into a STL sports post...FENCING! Always wanted to give it a try. Little odd of a choice to add, but if available I'm on vacation so why not?
  15. Noooooo I come here to forget about how terrible they are this year after being hyped up all offseason.
  16. Cool thanks @JLMoran ! I had figured that was the case for the loungers. I couldn't imagine charging $45 per person, but since the bungalows stated it specifically was a group rate I wanted to be sure. I agree for an extra $15/pp, the bungalow seems to be a great deal to have more area, shade, privacy, and personal attendant for all needs/drinks. Thanks for the info, I'll bring it to the group and see which way they want to go.
  17. Seems like the bungalows are more popular in this thread but I had a quick follow up question: In the comparison of the bungalow vs the beach lounger for two deal, the bungalow states that it is $250 total (not per person). The lounger is listed at $45, but it doesn't state specifically if that is $45 PER person for the 2 loungers or total. I would assume since it is a lounger FOR two, the price would be total. If its 45pp, for my group of 4, it would make almost more sense to just do the bungalow since that would average to $62.50pp anyway and its more room and more private w/your own attendant. We all have the deluxe drink package as it is, so no other costs that day. I've read things can get a bit crowded on Labadee, so I wanted to be sure we had a nice spot no matter what to hang and have fun. Thanks for any insight, want to have all my ducks in a row before I present the idea to the group.
  18. @alamode123 This is probably a very fair point! lol As I said, my experience was 12 years ago or so (2006-ish). I think I had the Motorola Razr or Evergreen (sideflip keyboard-big tech), so wifi messaging wasn't a huge thing then. I didn't even get FB until 2007. If you don't mind paying for the wifi service, definitely the easier way to go these days. The whiteboard just seems like a smart alternative too or in addition too.
  19. Thanks @WAAAYTOOO ! I've been reading this blog for tips and ideas since we booked it a couple weeks ago, figured it was time to join up. For the price (2 staterooms/4 people, prepaid grat, and deluxe drink package for about $900pp) I think this will be a perfect first cruise for them. Not too big, but not small. Should have plenty to do, especially with these upgrades. Want to get them hooked so this is the only way they want to vacation from now on!
  20. @Kfitz59 I was right around your kid's age when I went on my first cruise (13 or 14), so I can bring a perspective from that side. Reminder, this was about 12 years ago so technology usage has changed quite a bit with smartphones being more prevalent. My parents tried the walkie-talkies and let me navigate my own. Most of the time when I was not with them or at the pool, I was up in the arcade/teen lounge area which were located on same deck so I wasn't too hard to find. The walkie-talkies were hit and miss as @averbeck said. Ours had a "call" feature that if you hit it, the other one would beep until they responded so if I didn't hear my parents radio me due to bad connection, I always heard the beeping and knew to go find them or go outside for better reception. Luckily, my parents were the lazy type of cruiser, so normally it just required me to go to the pool to find them :D I like the idea of the whiteboard though, that's smart. I'm going with 3 of my best friends in April and our 2 rooms are on different decks. Been thinking of how we can communicate to schedule when to meet in morning or when plans change in case of emergency. In all likelihood, we will be together most of the day except when sleeping so it shouldn't be too hard to just say "see ya at breakfast tomorrow 8am" and be good to go. Might bring a few sticky notes though to slap on the door should plans need changing. I'm trying to avoid buying Voom, just want to disconnect for the week without emails and notifications 10x an hour on vacation.
  21. Reading this update to Navigator makes me feel so much better. I've cruised a couple times in the past with my parents about 10-12 years ago as a young teen. Being the only one with experience, I was tasked with leading the charge on finding a vacation for my group of friends. Most haven't been out of the country, none on a cruise before. No pressure, right? I find cruising to be a great value for cost. Got a great deal on the 5 night from April 7-12th with stops in Nassau and Labadee. Being that we are all in our mid 20s, we didn't really have the budget for one of the big, new ships in only 6 months of planning, maybe for 2020. But, I wanted them to be as impressed as I was my first cruise. Nothing better than the face of someone seeing how massive and impressive a cruise ship really is the first time pulling into port. Looks like Navigator will get a great new update just in time to set sail. 130 days out-very excited! First time on here and like I said been a decade plus since last cruise so things have changed I'm sure. Any tips/ideas from the experts would be greatly appreciated! I've done a lot of research and planning, but I'm sure there is something I haven't thought of.
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