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  1. What is the difference between the 1J & 2J rooms on the Harmony?
  2. Six of us are on the Oct 28, 2018 sailing of the Anthem. We plan on using the RCC "Text & Talk" feature of the Royal IQ app to communicate with each other. Do we have to go to Guest Services to sign up for this, or is our Seapass card automatically charged when we log into to RCC wireless & run the "Talk & Text"?
  3. We are also on the same itinerary on the Anthem's Oct 27 sailing!
  4. We are booked on the Harmony for Dec. 08, 2019. The Central Park Balcony rooms include a complementary bottle of wine & lunch for two at Sabor or Jamie's Italian. Is a tip included in the value of the complementary meal or do I need to plan on leaving a separate tip?
  5. Last year we did a 12 day Mediterranean cruise on the Brilliance. For the plane trip to Barcelona, we used RC Air to Sea & it was great. The prices were much better that we could find on our own & they guaranteed that the flight would get up to the ship on time and the return flight meshed perfectly with disembarkation.
  6. I have found that if I go on the RC website during off-hours (4:30 - 5 AM) it seems to work better. So maybe the server(s) where their website is housed is not up to handling the amount of traffic that is on the site sometimes.
  7. Last year when we went to Europe (Italy, France, Greece, Malta) I got a European sim card for $50 that allowed me to talk & text back to the states whenever we were in port or on land. When we landed in Barcelona I installed the European sim card in my phone & I was good to go. It included 10 GB data in 4G/LTE, 120 minutes talk time, 1,000 texts. https://www.amazon.com/Orange-Holiday-Europe-tethering-countries/dp/B06XBYMX58
  8. We are booked on the Anthem sailing to the Bahamas in October. We are taking our daughter & son-in-law and paying for their room. If I use my Crown and Anchor number on the online check-in for them, will I get points added to my Crown and Anchor account for their sailing?
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