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  1. IMO they only have incentive to raise the price of the excursions. Between limited spots on tours, and people who board the ship not knowing they have to book through the cruiseline, they hold all the cards and can charge whatever they want.
  2. Soooo, you think sneaking booze on a ship is unethical, but lying to get expedited test results during a pandemic is ok? Maybe cruisers shouldn't be at the top of list for expedited results.
  3. Here in America, I get to pay $300/month, and it doesn't cover a damn thing.
  4. Fantastic, now we can decide between the beverage package, and dropping $400 on 2 covid tests
  5. 0 chance of the at home testing working, when some cities can take weeks to obtain results
  6. The cruise leaves in less than 50 days, and they haven't announced a single health or safety protocol outside of the muster drill. Maybe give people more than a blink of an eye to decide whether or not they feel their family will be safe during the first ever cruise during a pandemic in the US? Will the boat be locked down if there is an outbreak? Will there be day of testing and masks? These questions need to be answered ASAP, but nothing but crickets from RCL.
  7. Just finished my reply saying wait until the new year. I want my casino royale refund in cash, not limited credits that won't even cover 1 person on a lift and shift.
  8. I tip with every drink, the bartender's have always blown right by the other people to serve me, even at the pool bar during peak hours. Who cares if you have prepaid gratuities that get split amongst 3,000 employees, these people are sleeping in shared closets, working 7 days a week, and sending all their money back home to families they barely see, just so we can sit on our asses a gorge for 7 days.
  9. Yupp, those anti maskers can go pound sand, and find their own cruise line
  10. Stay home if you have health issues then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. or a more comedic example
  11. Masks don't inhibit oxygen consumption, that has been debunked. Bring on the masks!
  12. They said, "just as on land", when in public areas while on board, protective masks must be worn. Luckily, masks will be required at all times except for dining and in your room.
  13. I love the QR menus that have been implemented. I dont usually have my phone on me during cruises, but i won't mind having it for just the meal. More likely than not, ill just know what I want before I go to the restaurant
  14. I can't wait to see the average cruiser age to drop like 40 years with mask mandates and menus only accessible by smart phones. Bring it on!
  15. To that point, these may be off limits, as they are not RCL offered excursions
  16. Also, you can book both the 3 and 4 night mariner for a 800k gold 7 night and back to back. Similar 7 nighters would usually run 2.5 mil
  17. They refreshed them again today, no reason to think they won't they won't tomorrow
  18. I wonder if RCL will follow suit, especially considering the delay from the health board
  19. We We used our sapphire card rewards to pay for our entire honeymoon which was on Allure. Booking was super simple through them as well. The link below will you 60k points once you hit the low milestone. Their travel protection is top notch as well! chase referral code
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