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  1. As much as your initial response about it being UnCoNsTiTuTiOnAl for employers to mandate vaccines.
  2. I get science, and I get not putting other people's health at risk due to my own selfishness
  3. Uhh, why wouldn't 2 of the largest employers in the US require that their employees be vaccinated? What do they gain from having a potential outbreak?
  4. Except that isn't a violation of people's rights? There's nothing political about it, you're just wrong haha
  5. Also, if you've got a smart phone/watch, you've pretty much got the whole ankle bracelet and camera thing down already
  6. Florida is an at-will employment state. They are asking their employees to take precautions. Don't like it? Pack your bags. That is the power of at-will employment
  7. ? it is for damn sure your employers business. If one of my employees went out, partied, and then spread it to coworkers, shutting down the company for X amount of time, it would cost me money, and open up god knows what other legal actions.
  8. Is it a bad thing that they don't want people coming in with positive tests?
  9. Anti maskers wandering around sounds like a ball as well.... it was hard enough to get people to wash their damn hands before entering the buffet or MDR, they gotta be strict or just not sail.
  10. Been wearing one 10 hrs a day at work for almost a year now, don't even notice it anymore. I've literally forked food into during lunch because I forgot it was on.
  11. It would be like marketing a topless condom
  12. A passenger wouldn't be able to cancel a bet anyways. If the even gets cancelled, they'll have a refund system in place. It would be like placing a future bet at the Bellagio when you live in New York.
  13. Oh man, I hope they do this for Royal. Have been on cruises during huge sporting events, and this would add so much more excitement. Playmakers would be hopping at night, too.
  14. People are thinking for themselves, that's why we haven't gotten the virus under control
  15. They keep pushing the FCC expiration date. Let's put it this way, if people who want to be vaxxed are unable to do so before late 2022, we have bigger problems than cruising
  16. You won't be able to, there is no way around it. I've tried on multiple occasions
  17. They're making you take safety precautions to gorge yourself on a ship for a week, not sentencing you to 10 yrs hard labor...
  18. How quickly it turned from, "we'll do whatever we need in order to cruise again", to "I'm being inconvenienced!"
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