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  1. This is my least favorite ship! Even in the Haven, which is some protection, it’s not a positive experience (mostly due to the ship’s layout and the almost constant ship movement). The only bright spot is the Haven restaurant where the staff is simply amazing, some of the nicest crew members that we have run across in all our cruises). But yeah, the Epic overall ... decidedly forgettable 🙅🏼‍♀️
  2. I have thought that too - I can’t imagine cruise ships docking at Key West and and all those people getting off - and what it’s like to be there when they do. Maybe it’s not as bad as I have imagined, but it’s definitely kept me from any itinerary that includes it (preferring it as a sole destination).
  3. We will meet you there the next time and we will all shake our tail feathers with the locals! 💃🏼🕺🏼
  4. That’s it! Yay @SpeedNoodles!!! I had not realized it was on Wednesday’s only (we will be there Sun and Mon), but I am so happy to find it again - maybe on another sailing 😊
  5. I hear you. I am loyal, but if you aren’t back then I start eyeing your competitors. Fair in love and cruise lines 😇👿
  6. I can’t remember what it’s called - it’s a street party in Bermuda (don’t recall which part, although likely not on the west side where I need it to be 😒), it is for tourists, but there are many locals there. Some crafts sold too. I think it’s in the evening. I can’t recall and can’t find it (of course when I need it)... help! Lynn 🧜🏼‍♀️
  7. Yeah, how do I choose “a” favorite 🙄😳😂 But I will contain myself (and reduce them). A nice pic of the Allure courtesy of hubster, Alaska’s Endicott Arm, and near San Juan’s port ❤️
  8. It is frustrating that there is such a discrepancy in what you get with a suite on various ships (when prices are vastly different). Definitely not happy to be paying full price for Voom when we pay for a suite and Key folks have it included. Life isn’t fair, I more than get that as I was widowed very young, but there should be some fairness in fares and what you get for the money (at least if in the long run you want to keep passengers). But agree it would be better to spread costs out and add Voom to all fares (drinks too). I cannot imagine the cost for people sailing with teens... ridiculously priced. It still seems super crazy to me that on one cruise it’s 18.99 day for 2 devices and edging close to $30 day for the same thing on another cruise. I don’t mind disconnecting in theory, but with a house sitter in our home and a 93 yo. mother staying plugged in is a necessity “in case.” Thanks for the input. And I too am anxiously waiting to see the Virgin prices as I love the idea of the extras being included!
  9. Hmmm guess the committee met and decided it had previously been answered or it was a stupid question. 🤓 oh well, I have to crawl back in bed anyway 🤒😷
  10. I just looked to be certain ... it was $27 per day 🙇🏼‍♀️
  11. Hello all! We have been traveling, a journey that ended in the hell that was the Orlando airport on Feb 2 and ended up in me with the flu from hour after hour in a crowd that resembled the crowds at the Beatles concerts that I have seen on film. But I am semi back and trying to focus on our next two RCL sailings. I realize this topic has likely been discussed here before, but I could not find it in my search so I bring it to those with lots of RCL experience - what the devil is up with the insane discrepancy in the Voom daily rates?! The current rate for our May sailing is 18.99 day for 2 devices (basis Voom), while the same package for the Adventure for November was about $28 per day (to the best of my flu brain’s recollection). WHAT?! I like RCL as much as the next person here,, but that difference seems unfair to me. Some difference is okay, but that difference is ridiculous. That we are in a full suite for both sailings is adding to my irritation on this issue, since there’s not even a discount for suite guest (much less free on these ships). And did I just read Voom is part of the key program?! Surely I misread. These facts would seem to really decrease the likelihood many cruisers will bother with suites unless they need a lot of space (at least from my viewpoint, clearly I have not done a scientific survey!). And I hope eveyone has be happy and healthy 😊 Lynn 🧜🏼‍♀️
  12. Honestly, the small unicorn floaty wigs me out 😳 Not quite sure the audience they were going for .... 🤦🏼‍♀️
  13. @melski94 That’s great info, I am married to a retired jarhead and we use USAA for all our insurance and somehow I didn’t know this bit of wisdom! We use the coverage available with our travel credit card since it offers decent benefits. But I recently got a policy through Steve who is at this URL- https://tripinsurancestore.com/getquotation/ He shoots straight snd offers a multitude of options based on budget and need. happy sailing! 🧜🏼‍♀️ Lynn
  14. @JLMoran although so far we haven’t required any special equipment, your post is the first I have seen to note that there are special accommodations made for CPAP users and those with similar health-related devices. Had no idea there was even a special email address. Great info! 👏🏻 Oh, and ditto on the water shoes. Essential! 😊
  15. In the 70’s, the hot place for spring break during high school and college in the Atlanta area was Daytona Beach, FL. Almost every year there was someone who died from trying to cross from one balcony to another (as with the 16yo boy that just lost his life doing this on a RCL ship). I think at that age it just doesn’t occur to you that you can die, they feel invincible. Such a sad ending and such a horror for his family.
  16. We like Cortran’s transportation (it’s 40 r/t each for a shuttle from Orlando to the port and back). They are highly rated (and I will never, ever use one of those buses you can reserve through RCL - like cattle, no no no).
  17. Not bad (although the first has seriously overdone the black 🤣). I did like the open air Peek-a-View shower (those windows at the showers and whirlpool tubs are the reason I keep returning to the NCL Haven Suites). The Virgin prices are usually high, but since Atlanta leans heavily toward our hometown favorite Delta, I haven’t gotten to spend a lot of time with their existing travel options! But it will be interesting to see if they intend to truly compete.
  18. I am surprised that they have a list of what the new price would be for sold out categories at all (and admit to it)!
  19. We will also sail in May ‘19 and I had thought that surely it would be completed by then. Although construction timing is difficult to predict, I hope that their confidence is warranted. Would be nice to have the pier done so that it’s a faster in and out!
  20. Thanks! I thought you had said so before, I just could not locate it. Thanks so much! ☀️😊🤜🏼 Lynn
  21. Check your messages for the drink list 😊
  22. Sorry, this isn’t a ghost question 😂 I know that the answer to this is here somewhere, but I simply cannot find it so please forgive me if this is repetitive! Are there any options for getting a fare reduction over time when the cabin booked is one that has only 2-6 per ship and tends to sell out fairly quickly (so that none are left to which to compare)? In our case we booked the Panoramic Suite on RCL Adventure of the Seas where there are only 2 of these suites total. We booked it more than a year out, so I would expect some probability of a price drop, but how would I know if it would have dropped or is this basically a hopeless situation? 💁🏼‍♀️ Lynn 🧜🏼‍♀️
  23. FYI - I have made a list of the available mixed drinks (at least the ones that aren’t the basic types like a screwdriver or gin & coke) on the acceptable list in the suite’s lounge. I would be happy to send it to you 🙃🙂
  24. As innocent a play as you will find (any sexuality is such a caricature that your child is likely to miss the reference 😂). I do remember asking my father on a trip to NY when I was about 10 why I couldn’t go with him to see No No Nannette _ just made me want to see it more that I couldn’t! I haven’t seen it yet!
  25. I’ve also wondered if it’s worth the time. I’ve done escape rooms with family and friends, but I am not sure doing it with family and a large group of strangers would be a lot of fun (although it’s hard to imagine).
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