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  1. Thank you all for the great suggestions. We’re staying at the Holiday Inn Airport Cruise on State St. We’ll plan to take Uber in the morning to the terminal. I do love margaritas, but being from Oklahoma we have some pretty awesome Mexican restaurants. I don’t usually eat Mexican away from home. Of course, the margaritas are a different story! @tonyfsu21 thanks for the water taxi info. That sounds right up our alley. We’ll check out Las Olas for [email protected] looking into trolley stops near us now. Thanks so much. @Lovetocruise2002 appreciate the terminal info as I hadn’t eve
  2. It’s finally time to cruise! We board Harmony for our cruise on Saturday and have a couple of last minute questions please. First, let me say how wonderful it has been to learn from all the blogs and discussions. This is our first RC cruise and I have been reading for months now and learned so much! Thank you to all the dedicated members for your interactions. We arrive in Fort Lauderdale tomorrow (listened to the many that recommended going in the day before ). We get in before noon so we’ll have the afternoon and early evening to explore. We aren’t real adventurous ( well, I shou
  3. Mel, We're doing the same ship and itinerary in May. It was great to follow along and know what to expect. Thanks for the info!
  4. We sail in May on Harmony and we had the same issue with the planner calendar not showing the time we had booked. We were able to book shows about 90 days out.
  5. We’re sailing Harmony in May and the Solarium Bistro was available for a dinner booking on cruise planner. Just pick the date and time. It went through cart checkout as no charge. The menu did read as mentioned previously that lobster and filet would have a charge. We’ll see what happens when we show up for dinner.
  6. Thanks melski94. That’s very helpful. I’ve been reading the blogs about all the complimentary dining options and that one had me confused.
  7. First time on RCCL and a little confused on MDR. We have My Time Dining and don’t understand the difference between Silk and American Icon. Are they both MDR and we get assigned to one or the other? We have made My Time Dining reservations online.
  8. No dining package this trip. Can we visit the 150 CP for the martini without dining there? Can’t wait to try the Bellini!
  9. We’re sailing on our first RC cruise in May. We purchased the drink package and want to try recommended favorite drinks from those more RC experienced. What is your favorite drink and what bar typically serves it?
  10. We’ve rented an over the water cabana for our visit in May. I’ve read they provide towels. Can anyone tell me if these smalls white ship towels or actual large beach towels? Trying to decide if we should take our own.
  11. Thank you for your replies. I appreciate it!
  12. Does anyone have the Cruise Compass for a recent Harmony sailing they'd be willing to share? The most recent one in the blog is from early December. We're sailing in 39 days!!! and would like to see the daily events. Thanks in advance!
  13. Kayla, thanks for the great info on Bernard’s Tours. We’ve booked a private tour for our May 12 sailing. We’ve never been to St Maarten so we’re look, at forward to the trip. I noticed on their site they referenced the iguana farm. Did you make a stop there?
  14. We booked the over the water cabana for our May 12 sailing. We’ve never been to Labadee. I beleive I read towels are provided. Does anyone know if these are small towels, beach size towels, etc. or should we plan to take our own beach towels?
  15. MikeK, Thanks for the info about the jet ski rental. My husband and I are doing a 40th anniversary cruise in May on Harmony with a stop at Labadee. We splurged and rented an over the water cabana. My husband was interested in the jet ski and I was going to surprise him with the rental. However, we’ve owned jet skis in the past and if he had to stay in line he would quickly be disappointed.
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