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  1. I'm not sure about an answer to your questions, buy how do you know you are on a full "code red" sailing?
  2. Hi all! I emailed and got the below information for guest entertainers for the Harmony Eastern Caribbean sailing July 7. Thought I'd share for those interested. I know some of them bee bop around different ships, so if anyone knows anything about these folks feel free to share! Joe Yannetty– ComedianSilvia Gaffurini – Ice ActDarrell Joyce– ComedianGreg Evain – Stowaway PianoAdam Kario - Juggler
  3. Any update on your diving experience. I am currently signed up for this excursion in July. Thanks!
  4. Where does one find the red velvet cheesecake? I've only ever noticed the original with a strawberry (or if you ask for it, chocolate) topping in the MDR and then the cheesecake on a stick in cafe promenade??
  5. Hey guys, I've tried to search through the threads and on the menu/compass page and am not having luck. I'm wondering two things as I plan for a July sailing. 1. Does anyone have any recent MDR menus for Harmony for dinners? Trying to decide which night I may want to try a specialty restaurant. 2. Anyone have an updated Eastern Caribbean Cruise Compass from Harmony, the last one I see is from December. Thanks!
  6. If I have dinner booked for 8 people in MDR at 730, is it possible to make it to a show at 9pm or should I wait for the 1030pm show?
  7. So, I know that when entertainment is available for pre-booking is variable, but I'm wondering if anyone recently has gone on a Harmony cruise or is going soon can give any in sight on when it will be available. I head out on July 7 and have been checking daily for the past month with no luck. Secondly, I booked my time dining and under order history it has listed that I ordered for a certain time, but on the cruise planner calendar it isn't there. Wondering if this website change still has some glitches? Just don't want to lose my preferred dining times. Thanks!
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