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  1. You receive double points on a free cruise if solo. I was wondering the same and my cruise from a few weeks ago finally showed up on my account with the double points.
  2. I just got off Independence this morning. I had one of the interior cabins in that hallway. I really liked being able to just walk out onto the pool deck in less than a minute. I would def book that hallway again, hopefully the suite next time haha.
  3. Its roughly 1 point per $5 gambled in slots. Table games are anyones guess.
  4. According to the agent I spoke with on the phone: Choice: 1 - 2499 Prime: 2500 - 24999 Signature: 25000-99999 Masters: 100000+
  5. Yes there were 2 on the promenade and 2 in the Windjammer.
  6. Yes! The Finish the Lyric show was awesome until they kept letting the kid stay around. We both found that annoying haha. I think I got spoiled on my last cruise. Freedom was super smooth.
  7. I was also on this cruise and agree with pretty much everything mentioned here. I boarded later in the day and had no issues with my card so they must of fixed it. There were some quite rough seas. I enjoyed it but my girlfriend was struggling a bit. The cruise director staff were very good. I enjoyed all the game shows, especially the Majority Rules one where I won my sweet N* bag in a bag haha. I felt the service on this cruise was not as good as on Freedom over Thanksgiving. Getting a drink was quite a process at times. Half the hot tubs were not actually hot. The one
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