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  1. Freedom is the perfect size, not too big not too small. We were on her just before she moved to San Juan (going on again though). Do you have MTD or a set time? I would try to get to the shows a few minutes early so you can get good seats. They do have staff that can get you a drink in the shows but I normally went in with one I picked up on my way. Do you have the drink package? If not remember you can bring 2x bottles of wine and 12 cans/bottles of non-alcoholic drinks. There are tons to do so have fun!
  2. We had cake on our anniversary night at our table. They do include so discounts if you want a spa treatment and I think there was a personal photo shoot (still need to pay for the photos though lol). We never bothered with decorations but I think I might surprise my wife with something on our next cruise (also on our anniversary, kind of a tradition now). I think I will do something myself when she is occupied. I normally do the final packing anyways so would be easy to sneak stuff in the suitcase lol.
  3. I haven't had first hand experience, its just what I've seen and something to look out for. But the Next Cruise people should be able to give you full information. If you don't have Voom make sure to take some research with you with questions to ask.
  4. I found it a hit and miss. The one person we spoke to wasn't great help either. I had wifi so I brought up the current price while I spoke to them and I could get a much better deal online then they were offering. If you do it I would suggest transferring it to a good TA who can make sure they give you price adjustments down the line. (I have also seen on FB people being denied repricing with non-refundable so may be something to ask the next cruise desk)
  5. Okay, so i'll keep checking back and hopefully it'll be back.
  6. I was hoping because it was on the same ship last time it would be again, we are doing a 7 nighter. On Freedom it was in Giovanni's for the dinner and began in the theater for the start. It was really fun when we did it before.
  7. Does Royal no longer offer Murder Mystery or just not on our next sailing? We did it on our last Freedom cruise and really had a good time (plus the liquor helped as it just kept coming lol) so I was wanting to do it again but do not see it in my cruise planner.
  8. It would depend on the direction of the storm. They would look at the models and make a decision there. Sometimes it ends up being a sea day so they can go around the weather.
  9. They are applied at the completion of the cruise so if you need 3 points you wouldn't get the benefits till the following cruise even if its a 7 night.
  10. Gorgeous dog, I love the Malamutes and Siberians (we used to have a Siberian when we lived in Canada) I have another question though. The legal requirements by the landing countries. What happens when there is some restriction, for example here in Cayman Islands we have VERY strict laws especially for rabies as we are a rabies free zone. How would some countries handle this if they knew about it?
  11. @doubleJ its not always bad but it can be. I've heard horror stories when there's an accident that makes many cut it close or miss it. So I always try to go early and just get lunch on board. Better safe then sorry.
  12. Muster drill will most likely be after 4pm if there is a 3pm check in, I think they have to wait an hour from that time but others can confirm. Going to Port Canaveral can have delays so I would give yourselves plenty of time if your not staying close by.
  13. Pools and bars will be open, also the buffet is available to crunch your hunger. If muster drill is 3:45 then rooms should be ready before that normally by at least an hour. I agree with trying to go early so you can try to enjoy the ship.
  14. Am I the only one wondering where they do their business? Is there some type of extra cleaning fee like hotels charge or are the low paid stewards responsible to just clean up after them like normal? And my dog isn't a fan of cars never mind a ship. Most dogs don't like boats either so I wonder how they take it.
  15. I like it too and hope others learn from it. I also like the idea of the Edge to be honest. As an island with no birthing port (and the plans for one are a mess right now) this is the perfect ship for islands like us.
  16. Not all products are available on all ships. Exclusions should be listed in the notes in the description so be sure to check that too.
  17. I would either use a service that can handle your bags or rent a car in this case. I wouldn't use Lyft/Uber.
  18. Because we normally buy some new stuff on our way to the cruise. (Living on an island is expensive) We tend to pack once we hit Miami lol. Tend to order our stuff a little before so they arrive in time. However, we have some stuff cruise specific that tends to just stay in our suitcases.
  19. It depends what you want to do. If you want to explore a few different things then a rental car is probably going to be a better value. Avoid Miami traffic at rush hour as it can be pretty brutal sometimes and give yourself some time because they have a lot of construction and always confuses the GPS. There are also some excursions through Royal where they will keep your bags for you while you are on it as another option.
  20. can't wait to see they look great. *Searches Thingiverse for ideas*
  21. I would say the cheaper models are still a little experimental. Or at least takes someone who is okay with fixing things often and know it may take sometime to get right. Now available to all at home scientists (or ones who try to be at least lol)
  22. I have a 3D printer too and would be interested in what you came up with and how you're planning to mount them. (Gluing powerful magnets in the back side?)
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