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  1. Great to hear the Jeep rent is very affordable. I was helping a buddy installing the new rack and extang bed cover on his truck when he mentioned going to St. Maarten trip they've been planning. His eldest son loves to go for a road trip and they will surely love to know about this Jeep rentals there.
  2. timorg


    Sounds like a great excursion to experience.
  3. Good to hear a nice tour guide at St Kitts.
  4. The ATV tour sounds exciting!
  5. A previous neighbor of mine got a good fish wood carving from Nassau! Worth checking out
  6. Curious to see Matt's blog about this program and experience.
  7. That looks really a long walk, glad the taxies are easily available.
  8. All I know too it is a birdwatching trip as mentioned by a guy who is after the birds.
  9. Curious about this shore excursion event as well. One jeep guy here brought his Wrangler for anew set of tires and forged wheels installation. He mentioned about the Cuzomel Jeep Safari is a great experience to enjoy the place and the scene of the island. He said it was just a half-day tour.
  10. I could be wrong but my initial impression is the group photo go on each USB.
  11. I'm not a smoker but it will surely very awkward to be in the middle of this smoking crowd.
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