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  1. As someone who is less than two weeks away from being on the Allure, and someone who is also from DC, I am definitely following along. Can't wait to hear how the week ends up, although I'm sure it's going to be amazing. I know you mentioned you were eating at chops and Izumi, but if you also indulge in Gio's during this trip, I would love to hear about your experience. Enjoy!
  2. Thanks so much for the response. The distance of the beach doesn't bother us as much, as we have no issue walking it, and could always take the trolley if needed. I am mainly just worried about the accesability of the water. I have even read some posts saying some beaches don't even allow swimming. But I'm assuming that isnt an issue here as they have a floating bar lol. We did initially look at the cabanas, but it appears we waited too long to pull the trigger and they are no longer listed on the site. We thought about checking once on board to see if there are any other options, b
  3. Hey everyone - We are heading to Labadee in a few weeks, and debating what we wanted to partake in while on the island. I have been scouring the boards about what beaches are ideal, closet to activites, which areas have rocky ocean, and so on. Despite everything I have read, we were intrigued in getting a beach bed at adrenaline beach for the day (we originally looked into getting a cabana, but waited too long, and they are now all sold out). For people with experience with the beach beds, did you feel they were worth what was paid for? We did like the extra amenities (such as the perso
  4. I'll echo the sentiments listed above; excellent stuff. I am new(ish) to the board, and this was the fist live blog that I have followed. From the photos, to tips and hints, to just the daily itineraries, it was fantastic to follow. It certainly sets high expectations for the rest of the blogs I'll read in the future
  5. Thanks everyone for the insight. Very useful to know before heading on the ships. So I was always under the assumption that I would not be able to carry on my own cigars? Sounds like the best bet would to just bring a few of mine own if Iim planning on indulging?
  6. Hey everyone - Been lurking on these boards for a while, but finally decided to actually create an account. Have a cruise on the Allure in March next year. There has been talk on this board previously about the availability of Cigars, and the presence of cigar bars. I know the Allure does not have any designated cigar bars, but I did see on a 2017 compass an event every night labeled "Cigars under the stars". The location was listed as the pool bar. As someone who loves to indulge in some stogies when on vacation, I wasn't sure if anyone knows if these events are frequent on Allure cruis
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