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  1. Would rather arrive in san juan late even after midnight so can just go to hotel, check in then head out to a bar or 4 :)
  2. Thanks ones i have seen are out of JFK and take about 16hrs, hopefully find something as i would prefer 2 nights in san juan so i can do some sightseeing
  3. We are sailing out of San Juan on the freedom in Nov 2018, will be booking flights from UK soon, Aberdeen to New York with Aer Lingus as we want to stop off for a couple of days in New York on way back for some Xmas shopping, are there daily flights from New York to San Juan, preferably direct. Flight from New York to San Juan would have to be after 6pm Thanks
  4. No not just the welsh, i'm tighter than 2 coats of paint :)
  5. how come us scots just think about the drink lol
  6. If you book a specialty restaurant are drinks included with meal if you have drinks package?
  7. Fantastic blog :) sailing for 1st time on freedom in nov 2018 so this has helped a lot
  8. Favourite drink is the first one of the day, usually when i wake up at 5am :) (only when on holiday) i wasnt joking when i asked the question can you drink 24hrs a day lol
  9. Good idea to search the ports your ship docks and see if its available on land, i've been searching for redhorse beer in the caribbean but havent had any luck :(
  10. Newbie Questions: (1) with regards excursions is it better to book with RC or an other reliable site such as Viator? For the atlantis submarine trip in barbados RC are £24 pp more expensive than viator. (2) How many electrical sockets are in freedom of the seas oceanview rooms? (3) Is the Kilt suitable for formal wear? (4) If you order room service are you charged for the food ( i know there is a service charge for room orders) (5) Are you able to drink 24hrs a day?
  11. Thanks for that, since we are only in ports a short period I personally don’t want to be sitting on a beach for 3 to 4 hrs when there will be lots of new sights to see. Sitting on the sand for half an hour watching the world go by as the sun sets is good enough for me :)
  12. As someone who has never cruised before or visited the Caribbean can anyone help with beach excursions? Do all beaches in St Kitts, St Lucia, Antigua, St Maarten and Barbados charge fee's? or are fee's just for beds?
  13. Hi, just joined :) 1st ever cruise is on the Freedom out of San Juan on the 25th Nov 2018. Lots of good information here for a cruise newbie like myself
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