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  1. Yes she was big enough. I think the height needed was either 42" or 44" and she was above that. Unfortunately she was too short for the waterslides. She wasn't scared at all. We did it 3 or 4 times, and she would have done it more if we'd have had more time.
  2. We did the sunset cruise in Aruba and it was amazing. I believe it had been booked through RC, but it was on the Freedom GC.
  3. I wish I would have taken a picture of it. All I did was take a picture of where I hid it.
  4. Now I wonder what will happen to my hidden message... Maybe you can have your Genie sneak you into 9730 and see if it's still there in August.
  5. Mine comes from my Fraternity. I am a member of the Beta Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon, and 1480 is my scroll number.
  6. I never reached that honor, doing the typical young man thing of dropping out of BSA shortly after I got my driver's license. I was 1 merit badge short of Eagle and reached Brotherhood in OA. I can't remember the Lenape name my dad had for his Vigil name but it translated to Big Puppy, which all of the gentlemen that picked it for him were quite happy at being able to poke just a little bit of fun at him. He worked for the council and was the Lodge Advisor.
  7. @Lovetocruise2002 We hid a little note for you in the room. I think I put it somewhere easy for you to find with clues, but not somewhere that it will be taken by someone else or found by the cabin attendant.
  8. So now that I'm back home and had some time to reflect, wanted to recap the cruise and the last day. For debarkation, we had to have our bags ready by 7am for the porter to come get them from the room. We would not be leaving the ship until 9, so this was annoying to have to get up early, especially since on Anthem they came and got us and the bags at the same time. I have a feeling this is a Port Miami issue though. We did have breakfast delivered to our room in the morning, and then we met Smitha on the Promenade to have her walk us off the ship. Unfortunately, Port Miami do
  9. Yesterday was our last sea day, and as I type this I'm looking at Terminal A in Miami, which is gorgeous, but not what you want to see when you've been on a cruise. Breakfast was in our room, and then Abby and I just loafed around the ship while Virginia was in Adventure Ocean. It was very cold and windy on the pool deck, so we mostly stayed inside. For lunch we went to Johnny Rockets and enjoyed the Family Carnival. There's something about that #12 from JRs that gets me every time. After lunch we went on the Bridge Tour. It was fascinating to me how different the Oasis bridge was
  10. Today we were in Cozumel. There were 4 other ships with us at the International Pier, and I believe 2 more downtown. Empress was docked next to us and I wish I would have gotten a good picture, because that is quite the size disparity. It was very windy today and fairly chilly for Cozumel. All of the locals were wearing sweatshirts. First we went downtown to make a few must stops: COZ Coffee, Choclateria Isla Bella, and Sucré/Salé. All are in the same block, and are fabulous local places to frequent. After that we went to El Cozumeleño. Typically we would have gone to Nachi
  11. Last night we celebrated my FIL’s birthday with Izumi Hibachi and it was fantastic. Food was great, and Smitha had decorated the table with Happy Birthday confetti and had a cake for us after dinner in the restaurant, which was great. After dinner was back to the room and watching the Aqua80 show for the third or fourth time. Today we are in Cozumel.
  12. I’m low maintenance. It’s the little princess that can be an issue. It’s definitely been an interesting contrast from Shane. No request has gone unanswered, and basically any change or request we’ve made has been handled. I know that if we speak up about something, it will be taken care of quickly. I would say that we’ve had a “standard” Genie experience. Nothing has felt above or beyond, but I don’t feel like we are not getting our value, if that makes sense. I’m sure part of Shane’s success was that it was part of the GC, but I also think he is an “special memories
  13. One thing I forgot to mention that we’ve found interesting is that the AO staff is responsible for monitoring Splashaway Bay. There is not any standing water, so no drowning risk. We just thought it interesting from a profit center point of view that it’s a “pool” but not under lifeguard purview. We have also noticed more uniformed security than on any other sailing we’ve done.
  14. So far today has been pretty lazy. Just been loafing around the ship. Breakfast was in the room, then V was off to AO and Abby and I just wandered. Stopped in for trivia in the schooner. Watched some woman who was double-fisting ice creams cones berate a bar manager on the pool deck for making people stand in line at one ice cream machine when there were four on the deck. I can’t understand how you can get that angry on a cruise ship. Lunch was in Johnny Rockets and the. Some games on the boardwalk before it was up to the escape room. I live escape rooms, and this one was v
  15. Yeah, everything has been taken care of, and when we send her an email it's handled quickly. But as you remember from Anthem, Shane was literally everywhere, so it's quite a big change. I'm sure some of it is the physical distance between SC rooms, and that they don't seem to have grouped the genies geographically as @twangster alluded to earlier. I would think they would give one Genie ATS, one the UPS, and then two on Deck 17 or something similar. Instead I know the we have Smitha, and Izzy has the room below us and one across the way. I have no idea what other rooms Smitha has, but I'm
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