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  1. I don't think you'll be sailing in November so I would personally just wait it out. If you are uncomfortable with that eat the $100
  2. Flying on an airplane imo is not the same as being on a cruise for 7+ days with thousands of people. We have to consider liability and safety of all crew and passengers involved. I want to get back to cruising just like everyone else but there is so many things to consider which the CDC and cruise lines are taking into consideration. Cruises are a small city moving from port to port. Let's also talk about the Caribbean for a second. Most of these islands have seen extremely low infection rates and in many islands the cases that they did have were from foreigners imported. I'm sure there are many ports that simply do not want cruises to sail there until it is safe.
  3. I think prices are elevated because people got back the 125% FCC. IMO, cruise prices will remain high until we set sail. Depending on how many are actually willing to get on the ship when we resume that will dictate the price. RCCL is also trying to get as much money as possible right now from those that don't know better. I wish the CLS on Oasis was $5500 for me!! Was looking for a new booking and saw that prices were super high.
  4. Totally understand! Just wanted to highlight that your comfort is what's most important. I know you will make the best choice.
  5. On a conference call hosted by Royal Caribbean employees (TA partners?). They just said that they imagine we'd hear more about protocol and policies by September but that's not a hard fast rule. I imagine we'll won't sail til at least Jan 2021.
  6. You have to be comfortable with what you are comfortable with. Only you can know what risk you are willing to take. With that said personally, I think Royal's stock has plenty of room to continue to go down before it goes up. Then of course possibility of Chapter 11 but no one has a crystal ball. If you had told me in March that cruises would be canceled into the fall I would have said you were crazy but here we are. Do what feels comfortable for you.
  7. I love this so much! Great work Royal. Now for compliance. I also stand corrected. I said this would never happen because of how strict maritime laws can be. We all know that the party can not go on without everyone attending and paying attention to the muster drill. I am happy the industry is allowing adaptability to compliance.
  8. While it stinks for them to keep the customer in limbo there are so many other factors at play here. They also need to think of their investors. Plus if you cancel too soon and things drastically change then what? I at least would start looking into other holiday arrangements if I were you.
  9. I see 50% capacity. Every other room is booked for one sailing and then it switches for the next sailing. This would ensure that there's a full sailing time in between rooms being booked and that those rooms can be deep cleaned.
  10. Good point with the reduced occupancy. I am hoping that Royal rolls out to go from specialty restaurants. I know you can get it on a one-off basis but it's not common. The more people opting to eat on their balconies or in more public areas (pool deck etc) the better!
  11. US Passports resumed a few weeks ago. Still no go in Canada? It took me almost 4 months but my renewed passport arrived.
  12. not surprising. Hopefully, she can sail in 2022/23
  13. 1. My first time in Cozumel we got a later start around 10/11. We ended up walking in town and renting a jeep for the remainder of the day. Had amazing fish tacos! 2. E-muster sounds amazing but I don't see that happening unless they figure out a way to police people watching it in their rooms (and actually watching not just background noise) . It is a requirement that everyone MUST watch it so they have to be pretty strict I would imagine.
  14. Wow, I didn't know that! This is helpful. We are on Oasis. Pretty excited as we have both been on Allure (me twice) so I'm interested to see what the amplification on Oasis looks like. Before the amplification it's my understanding that Oasis and Allure were pretty much the same.
  15. Awesome news, thank you! our balcony is on 8 so will have to carry a lot but not too far
  16. Thank you! I will definitely make a reservation.
  17. Will the specialty dining restaurants allow you to take out a meal? I am planning for a 60th birthday dinner for my mother next year. Would love to arrange for chops on our balcony one of the nights (and by arrange I mean we bring it up to our room ourselves) We are doing UDP so will also have the opportunity to visit many of them throughout the week
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