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  2. G string and a "beater" t shirt might get you asked to be a bit more appropriate. I've done nice shorts with collared shirt but GF gets grumbly so usually its Khakis to fill the pants end of things...
  3. Most of the time you can get away with shorts depending on the venue. On formal nights I would plan on long pants.
  4. I've always packed light. Ex and Daughter never figured how to do a weekend with short of a steamer trunk. GF has it figured out. 2 swim suits, two shorts, 2 pants, 4 shirts, 2 light dresses. Mix and match will get it for a week. I often wear my formal clothes aboard so I don't get them wrinkled. Change by the pool after windjammer lunch. Then carry to cabin when its available. I too pack similar to GF. twosies that can mix and match.... We are carry on for a week.
  5. Thank you! Yes, I used to travel a ton when I was a teen and had it down to a science but its been a while so i've lost my touch. Thankfully I believe that no woman needs more than 3 pairs of shoes on a cruise (flip flops, heels and sneakers). We will be checking bags for our very short flight just don't know if we are going with 1 or 2. lol Thank you for the advice!
  6. On a budget for a trip at premium time we took an ocean view with two drop down bunks. Sounds crowded but with so much going on with ship and shore activities its in the end only some place to shut your eyes for a few hours...
  7. First off, you are going to love Adventure of the Seas. Next May will be our third time sailing her. Anyway, my best advice (that I will hopefully take myself one day) is that whatever you think you will need, TAKE LESS! For example, our last 7 day cruise I took about 10 tee shirts and used maybe half of that---most of the time was at a beach or pool so just wore a swim shirt and wore collared polos to dinner. I'm a guy with a wife and 2 daughters and I pack more than any of them. My daughters (adults and small) travel more than us and have packing down to science. They can easily do an 8 day vacation with just a carry on and personal bag. They can't even remember the last time the checked a bag with an airline. I am so jealous and rationalize by saying that their clothes are way smaller than mine. Take separates that you can mix and match, so wear each piece more than once. No one will notice or care and you can cut your outfits in half. I believe it was @Whizbank that talked about her Rothy shoes. Used them for both casual and dress so cut down on packing shoes--a big space saver there. I looked up Rothy and was sad to see they don't make men's shoes. Hope I helped a little and happy sailing!
  8. If I have $250 worth of refundable OBC and then added to that $250 of non refundable OBC, which is used exhausted first on board?
  9. I like to wear a sundress to dinner one night, maybe with a shawl or shrug, then wear it again the next day on the ship or in port. Cuts down on my packing. However, unless you are worried about airline baggage fees I say take as much as you want. Enjoy your cruise!
  10. Sarafinas is closed and is not reopening I could not get a honest answer why when I visited last March.
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  12. This looks pretty flashy! It’s just something to wear around your neck & show off to people you don’t even know! But if you’ve got it insured- Hey, Go for it! 😉
  13. Hello All, Since I started cruising Ive only been on 4 night cruises, with mostly recently a 3-night cruise (never again if possible). That being said, I am going on an 8-night cruise in October (over Halloween) and I am not sure how to prepare. I have never had to prepare for this long of a vacation. I have no idea where to start for thinking of cruising. The last cruise, I managed to bring too many workout clothes and not enough like "everyday" clothing for on board, thankfully they are somewhat interchangeable. I know we (BF and I) will be dressing up for Halloween and I know we will need bathing suits and clothes for dinner but im kinda stumped on how much to bring of everything else. Anyones suggestions will help immensely!
  14. It says smart casual does does that mean long pants or can I wear nice shorts?
  15. haha thanks for the advice! We are looking for mostly a place to grab an french lunch and try some of the local cuisine.
  16. No problem. If you're there during the weekend, the Marina area market has a lot of stalls with vanilla and spices. If you like hot sauce, the homemade stuff in handpainted bottles was worth taking all the way across the Atlantic and back home.
  17. well that is good news. I will reach out there and see!!! Thanks for the tip...
  18. Because you're an Eagles fan?
  19. Odd, their Facebook page (@sarafinas.sxm) was updated June 7, 2019 and people were saying they were glad to see the bakery open.
  20. I just cancelled my original purchase and repurchased. Saved $150.
  21. Going on Symphony of the Seas 8/2019. First RCL Cruise, splurged for Grand Suite for 40th Anniversary❣️ Can’t wait! 

  22. Originally purchased the drink package for myself at $52 while my wife got the drink package with Voom for $62 for an Oct 4 sailing on Enchantment of the Seas. Today the drink package was down to $49 and the drink package with Voom was down to $57.
  23. Remember, too, up to $250 shipboard credit for 14 days or more!
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