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  2. Thank you, I will check it out. I was interested in what times the shows are and different activities. Thanks again.
  3. Nice! Same thing happened to us! We booked Harmony for APR 2021 last year, then they moved up the 5-year maintenance dry dock and cancelled the APR 2021 Harmony sailings. RC did the same thing and froze the cruise fare and offered us any Oasis class ship sailing in APR 2021 plus $200 OBC (not a suite) as one of our options. We picked Symphony which was $700 more at that time for the identical cabin! $900 value due to the cancellation! 😀
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  5. Well, this was a bad news/good news kind of day. First, I received an E-Mail telling my March 21, 2021 cruise on the Liberty had been canceled due to a longer than expected refurbishment. I had picked that cruise because it was fairly inexpensive two years out and it was out of Galveston (near my home in Spring, TX). The good news was that RCL was going to honor my original price for a similar cruise and throw in a $400 OBC because it was a junior suite. So, I got a better date for the same price and an additional $400 OBC. Good day with Royal Caribbean!
  6. First time cruiser here..probably doing too much reading ;-). I am leaving out of Miami on the Navigator this Monday Jan 20, going to Nassau then CocoCay..I’ve read a few places how rough the water has been in that area lately?! That they will have some decks closed & barf bags hanging out because so rough?! And that there’s a possibility they won’t be able to dock at CocoCay?! I am worried this will ruin the trip we have waited so long for & saved our $$ to be able to do!! Can anyone verify or is there a way to know ahead of time if the waters are in fact going to be super rough this next week?
  7. My 20Y.o.d. is enjoying you fine city as we speak . Yikes!
  8. Other places on the internet suggest the nightly Diamond event is continuing on Majesty. Empress only has the 3 drink coupons, no nightly Diamond event.
  9. They built it to hold 12,000. That was the stated design criteria. It's not exactly exploiting it if they reach that threshold. That would be like building a sports stadium with 20,000 seats then just selling 15,000 seats for events.
  10. I heard that Majesty of the Seas is no longer providing a Diamond Event in the Viking Crown Lounge in the evening beginning next week. They will only honor the 3 drinks per night from 4:30 until 8:00 at the bars. Matt, can you confirm this? If this is so look for a Majesty Mutiny to occur for Diamond and above members. Not good look for RCCL.
  11. Many thanks. I'm finding many of the downtown hotels are booked the weekend of June 12-13. I will keep looking. Rita from DC
  12. This is exactly how I feel. I feel for the child that her life was taken from her. In honor of Chloe the grandfather should have admitted guilt and spoke to other people about how he made a terrible judgement in lifting Chloe up and putting her at risk. I could of felt more sympathy for him and Chloe’s family, but the rush to sue and make excuses for what happened changed my feelings toward the grandfather and family. After that it was about Chloe and no one was taking responsibility for what happened to her and her fear during the last seconds of her life.
  13. Just back, we were the only ship, but AOS. We had a waterpark cabana and a great (Like Tony says) time. Did not feel the crowd at all. We were also in every venue and should have spent more time in the cabana but wanted to see everything. Total 1st timers!
  14. For now Oasis class ships seem to almost always visit solo, with anything smaller potentially doubling (or soon tripling) up. I posted about this in the other thread, but we were there last weekend on Mariner with Navigator also visiting. It definitely felt more crowded than last August when we were on Harmony. Of course the two ships will typically carry at least slightly more passengers than one Oasis class ship. We still enjoyed both days but got off early to claim a good spot on the beach. If you get off late or do the water park first, you might be searching a bit longer and further for a good spot.
  15. +1 The island has a ton of cool stuff to do. A powerwalk/barcrawl/wade would be fun for the antibeach crowd.
  16. I have the compasses but not sure how to scan them. Let me know if any specific questions. You can also check if any recent ones on the Cruise Compass link at the top.
  17. Just curious how much the wow bands cost initially?
  18. Unfortunately, there do not have to be staterooms available in any category for Royal to send out RoyalUp offers.
  19. Welcome to the Boards! You may only bring water and soda on board if your cruise is starting in Puerto Rico. If it is just a stop in the middle of your cruise, no.
  20. We are doing this cruise in September of 2021 so we have lots of time for planning. My question is we are going to be in Bordeaux (LaRochelle) France for 2 days but I was doing research and I see that they are 2 different cities and they are a distance of 1 hr 58 minuets. I called but they said they won't know tell closer to the cruise what place they will be at. Anyone done this itinerary before? Thanks for any help or suggestions.
  21. I for one am glad the video has gone public and that RCCL has made a public statement to the effect that they hold no responsibility for the negligent actions of an adult.
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  23. Was there In October on Mariner and we were the only ship. Going in May on Symphony and will be there on a Friday. I know Mariner and Navigator won’t be there. Not sure about others. We went ahead and booked the cabana club for symphony in the event a second ship is there.
  24. I will do some research, but my first reaction is (as a born and bred Montrealer): Montreal is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Similar to Quebec City, it is a little slice of Europe in North America. You are there in June!!!! This is prime time Montreal. Terraces are open, the bars are hot and the livin' is easy. The US Dollar is so high that you can buy the entire city of Montreal for $4.72 USD. 😉 I would stay downtown, soak up the nightlife of Montreal ... it's like a slow rumba in a secluded bar with a fascinating person you just met. Curt from Canada
  25. Good time for the deluxe drink package! 🍹 🍸 🍷 Bottoms up!
  26. Nope, those are all included. The only time there will be an extra charge is if the kids stay past 10pm when it becomes $7hr
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