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  2. Much love to ALL our neighbors to the north -- it just happens my favorite humorous moments seem to center around this particular aspect. 😛
  3. Somewhere 8-10 mid/forward. Aft doesn’t have easy access to stairs or elevators (I believe). Forward or mid is not bad as long as you are not prone to seasickness if you are forward. These decks are not next to really anything that is loud in general. If you don’t want to wait for an elevator you are not too far from going up or down stairs.
  4. The term "floating petri dish" can kiss my big butt. I'm so tired of people judging cruising and the cruise industry. I'm pretty dang sure that 90% of these so-called health experts have never even been on a cruise, and if they did, it was probably the tugboat line.
  5. I heard currently its 60 confirmed positive and 200+ additional with flulike symptoms.
  6. Just YOLO booked Independence for October 22, 2020.
  7. All of the non cruisers may talk down on cruising now but know there will be some jealous eyes when I post some amazing pictures from our December and January cruises. For now I’m just taking advantage of the discounted rates!
  8. My parents are appalled that we are booked for two more cruises. They say ships are dirty. Honestly, after going on one I think going to the grocery store is 100 times worse- there’s just no way to track it since everyone is not in the same place for a week plus. Not once did I go into the bathroom and there wasn’t some attendant cleaning it and it seemed like the second I touched something on the ship someone was right behind me wiping it down. Our stateroom bathroom was cleaned twice daily. One of the cleanest places I have ever been! Much judgement towards my husband and I are from people who have never been.
  9. Hi everyone, I know we get heated debating which dessert is the best one to order, or if a balcony room is worth it, but let's keep these basic rules in mind when chatting here. No profanity No personal insults No political discussion No debating religion A good joke about Canada, is always welcome.
  10. I've not switched cabanas at Labadee, but I do know that waterfront and over water cabanas at barefoot beach are in short supply. The location and view as well as the density of passengers are excellent. You don't mention which ship you are on, but with an OS being sky class on Oasis and Quantum class, they likely would be reserved by Star Class (approximately 4 weeks ahead) when you have your opportunity to reserve (about 1 week out). If you are able to gain your preference, you would have plenty of time to cancel Nellie's beach.
  11. Many people have said it was 14 infected on Oasis and it will soon be zero, as things are under control-tremendous control.
  12. I have only been in the cabanas at Barefoot so no experience at Nellie’s. Just off the top of my head, I would say stick with the deal you got at Nellie’s. Honestly, there’s nothing THAT special about Barefoot. In the big picture, an OTW cabana is an OTW cabana. I certainly wouldn’t pay more $$ just to be at the suites’ beach. You can always saunter over to Barefoot for lunch if you want to go over there.
  13. I just booked my cruise this afternoon. I ended up doing a balcony for now because I want to see if after final payment prices go down and I can use my FCC to upgrade. Although I don't know if you can use a FCC for Thanksgiving. Anyway the tips for me still said $14.50 so maybe just suites went up? I really loved this offer the only thing that could of been better would have been if it was for Odyssey lol but still I will not complain about free Thanksgiving cruise and $200 in freeplay.
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  15. After reading it a second time ... (and a third,) it is a bit of a classic word problem. I think, upon further review, your assessment is correct. You receive 125% of whatever cash you provided, accross all of the bookings that are ultimately involved.
  16. So, no I think? You'll get back your original 125% FCC to use towards another cruise, and then 125% of any extra money you've spent on the new cruise (Cruise Planner purchases or cruise fare beyond the initial FCC). But not 125% of the original 125%. I think. Or, perhaps, the opposite of what I think is true. Which is possible...
  17. Ooooo... sounds like they are stackable! ....or would that be considered recursive? ... or compound?🤔😮
  18. There will always be people that live in extremes. It will take time before some people think sporting event, theatre performances, and even movies are safe and acceptable. The issue today is the threat of TOO many people being sick at once and there not being enough resources to manage it. When that time has clearly past, most reasonable people will slowly resume their normal lives. The extremists will judge and argue that people should not be doing what they do and the fools may start doing it all too soon 😉 We can’t always make everyone happy and as much as some say we’re in this together it doesn’t really feel like that’s 100% true... on my neighborhood Facebook group there people arguing about what’s acceptable while walking in the neighborhood or kids riding their bikes. They feel that since other people’s actions could impact their health that it gives them the right to tell others what’s acceptable and what’s not. Most people don’t react well to others telling them what to do or not to do. It’s divisiveness and it’s going to get worse before it gets better. My wife and I will be patient and probably wait longer to use the impending FCC than some others but when we do cruise next year we will enjoy ourselves and won’t be thinking too much about who may or may not like it. I just believe that life’s too short to waste time judging or being judged.
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