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  2. Never did get a concrete answer, but someone in our party was up at 4 am, and we were already docked by then. At any rate, I was still asleep with visions of sugar plums (or Chop’s filet) dancing in my head.
  3. No salmon this time! Or perhaps I wasn’t looking in the right place.
  4. Yes! We even had issues when one parent was taking children to Canada and had to have a letter signed by the other parent to acknowledge that they were aware and approved. Also a good idea to have some sort of form for medical treatment and her insurance card. I send this with my children when they just spend the summer in a different state with Grandparents! All of this should be notarized. I will tell you that when we cruised with DCL that I also had to sign a waiver for my minor child to leave the ship with anyone other than the parent/guardian (even if with cruise staff).
  5. If you travel with someone under 18 for whom you are neither parent nor legal guardian, you must have documentation that they are permitted to travel with you. This is true for grandparents taking a trip with grandchildren but not the sandwich generation as well as for your situation. Best to have it signed by both parents and notarized.
  6. Thank you all so much for answering my previous questions. I have another one. We are taking my daughter and her friend for my daughter's Sweet 16 on the Anthem November 2nd. Do I need to have a letter from her friends parents saying they are aware that she is on a cruise with us? I remember reading somewhere that someone was given a hard time because there was no permission/letter from the other parents. I don't want to not have one and have complications at the terminal. Thank you again!
  7. It's not a dress code, if it's not enforced. It's a suggested dress. Just saying. I don't really care what people wear. It doesn't affect my dinner or enjoyment. You be you and I'll be me.
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  9. That will have to be something I need to get used to when we are in Italy, Montenegro and Greece next year.
  10. I loved it when I was in Madrid last Spring. The waiters didn't expect any tips other than the loose change I got. It was stress-free dining for me!
  11. I agree. My example is really the extreme, but does happen. Even when service has been poor, I don't leave less than 15%. I also know enough to determine whether the tip deserved is service rather than food related. I've seen people not tip because they didn't like their food. The servers fault? Probably not, but they are the ones to suffer.
  12. Same here. I don't care if I already paid more at a restaurant that is giving their waitstaff the minimum wage, I will still tip well for good service and feel good about it.
  13. I would be all for it and I'm in the industry. I'd be all for it for everything. I want to know what the final price is. What's it going to cost me? Don't give me a price and then add tax, and gratuities and this and that.
  14. I guess its a little different here in Canada..min wage for everyone...close to $30,000 a year....so tips aren't as big a deal as someone making $3 or $5 an hr serving in the US That being said, I would still tip nicely for either for good service and not for bad service so...
  15. This concept has actually started with some in the industry, where it states on the menu, that prices have being increased by X% to compensate service staff. I think the general public would be skeptical as to whether the servers where receiving all that's due to them. Being a server is not an easy job, as any of you that work with the public know. But, if that's what they choose to do as a job or career, who have to take the good with the bad. You're going to get "stiffed" some times and other times get tipped 50%. You can only hope it all averages out in the long run.
  16. How many here wouldn't mind that the menu prices are higher knowing that their waiters are being paid properly?
  17. DD is handicapped (Cerebral Palsy) & we use a wheelchair when we cruise because it is safer for her, & faster for us (she can walk, but has poor balance, so crowds are dangerous and is very slow). She is not very tall(5'1") so I can't speak to the height issue. For safety's sake, we ask for a shower chair for the shower stall, this might help your wife so that she doesn't have to balance. Also, while we didn't use this, there is also the option of a toilet seat riser, which is basically something that's about 6-8 inches high (I think, don't quote me on that) that sits on top of the seat & makes it easier for those who need extra leverage for sitting/standing from the toilet. Just fill out the special needs form https://secure.royalcaribbean.com/allaboutcruising/guestSpecialNeeds.do You can specify what things you might need. Also, you don't mention which ship you are on, but find out if there are any family restrooms, in case she will need assistance while you are not in your cabin -- even using the handicap stall can be a challenge, even when you are just the one assisting the person who needs it.
  18. I have always hated this concept of tipping where servers are paid less than they deserve. For me, the tip is a goodwill gesture for a job well done. Why don't restaurants pay their waiters right? I don't care if they add some amount to my order to be able to do that. But to underpay the waitstaff and pass on the responsibility of "completing" their pay to customers is something I will never understand.
  19. based on service..they may not deserve a $10 tip on a $300 meal....I have seen that before..many times.. With the assumed expectation often comes lack of effort.
  20. Same reason you tip your server at a restaurant and not the cook. Although, the cook may have more of an impact on your meal than your server. Just the way it is.
  21. Just a different model for salary compensation. In a lot of European restaurants gratuity is added automatically or the service cost is just rolled into the menu cost. Of course here in the states, we leave it up to the consumer to set the appropriate rate of service compensation, though most restaurants charge at least an 18% gratuity for parties over 8. Why? To protect the servers from those that would tip $10 on a $300 check. I know, I've seen it. Which is fair? Which is right?
  22. And I generously tip my waiter/waitress and my room attendant just like I do “at home” I don’t tip the maintenance man nor the laundry staff “at home” and choose not to while cruising. I consider clean linen, dishes, and operational functionality to be covered in full by my cruise fare.
  23. I have 2 upcoming cruises. One in 22 days on Symphony and Oasis next yer in August. Oasis will the one RCI removed my perks. On Symphony, we will be in Ocean view Balcony. Marketing email from Royal, you know how it is. They will send many marketing emails everyday. Today I got really good price for DX + Voom for $58 pp. I actually plan to purchase this for my husband before we board but now for what happen. I will not let one penny more to RCI pocket. Everywhere we stop we just enjoy drinks there.
  24. Can't wait to see Matt's reaction when I say how much time I'm taking off for Iceland, Greenland, & Ireland. Just gonna have to wait 10 more months for that live blog to start rolling out... 😉 😈
  25. No more than tipping your waiter/waitress at a restaurant back home.
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