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Bring Alcohol bottles back from a trip via plane

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I had the same question a few days ago, because I will be bringing 2 bottles of wine on my cruise. I researched on amazon and other found WineSkin to be a great product. However, I wouldn't recommend buying it on Amazon, get it at Bevmo if you can. It is way cheaper there. I bought 2 2-packs at Bevmo for $12. I believe it's 3 for $20 with Amazon Prime, or more without Prime. 


These spirits would have to be shaped like wine bottles though, or at least relatively close. Hope that helps! 


There's also a ton of other products on Amazon, some might be better for odd shaped alcohol or spirits.

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I've usually seen people bring the bottles in their carry on luggage or as a carryon on its own.  

This is only an option if you buy the liquor at the airport post security and the store seals it in a tamper-evident bag.  Otherwise, it needs to be checked because of the rules regarding liquids.

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