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  1. this is exactly what I was hoping to hear. Excursions in San Juan appear to be super expensive so I figure we can hope on the bus and head to Coranado for a few hours and head back with enough time to visit the Forts. Thanks again
  2. Has anybody taken the public transportation out of old San Juan to Coranado Beach or Ocean park?
  3. Howdy, Just curious if any body has done the snorkeling excursions in Labadee or Puerto Rico and what their experience was like thanks in advance
  4. Thanks Matt. I thought I remembered seeing something you posted. I have read nothing but great things about the beach and water. I'll report back
  5. Has anybody done an excursion to Orient Bay?
  6. She lives about 15mins from airport and 5 mins from downtown San Antonio. It's was uber she attempt. I don't think she tried lyft.
  7. 30 days out from wheels up and head to Ft. Lauderdale. Most everything is taken care of cruise,flight , hotel,transfers. Just waiting on two from our party of 7 to finalize their cruise document situation. They ran into issues getting a passport. Note to everyone if you plan on getting a passport do it as far in advance as possible just In case something happens during processing. My two family members will probably have to do birth certificates. This is when it gets fun. left to do is: Get my packing list together (then start packing 5-7 days out) Finish online check in Decide & book excursions (leaning toward Beach excursion for St. Maarten and beach chair shell cover thing in Labadee can't go wrong with lunch and drinks on a excursion) Outline my must due and ok if I don't do list for San Juan Puerto Rico. Do visit El Morro and have a Mojito. Ok if I don't get to the Rain Forest this time. Pay prepaid gratuity ( I don't want to deal with it while on board..personal choice) Probably buy waterproof life proof case for my phone. My phone usually ends up being my primary camera. Still on fence about Go Pro because I just want one. Also on fence on buying a fancy camera..probably won't but if I find a deal it's mine. Check my travel backpack and make sure all zippers work (probably hit up marshalls or Tjmax if I need a replacement) Purchase cruise luggage tag protection sleeves from Amazon. My tags are always are torn when I get my luggage. Not sure I am missing anything
  8. I am doing embassy suites on 17th in a few weeks and can report back. The package we got also included transfers from airport to hotel then transfer to port on embarkment day.
  9. My boss had planned to use uber for a trip to airport. What she ran into was there wasn't a uber available at the time she needed to leave to airport (around 5am) she had to pack up her car quickly and head to airport.
  10. We use the big Ziplock vacuum pack bags to pack our clothes. This provides more space on return trip for souvenirs. We sit on the bags to let air out when we are packing to head home.
  11. . Agree with this. Never had any issues. Just used common sense. Most people are there with family and/or friends. Singles spring break cruises I think you may find more opportunity for liquid courage brawls but to be honest never heard of fights happening. I've seen teens just having a good time with new friends doing scavenger hunts or hanging in teen lounge. Taking my 18 niece on her first cruise..going to give her space to do her own thing but will probably do some sort of Check in type deal to make sure she is ok.
  12. I do this every trip...always debate if I should buy a new camera and also if a Go Pro is in my future. I have gotten away with using my cell phone as a camera. Place the bad boy on airplane mode and off I go. Anybody else go thru this and what camera do you use?
  13. Maybe that was the other reason I didn't get any list time. I did use my cc as well. Thanks again
  14. Call me old school but I've usually have traveled with Traveler Checks...last year was the first time I did not but I was traveling to ports I was familiar with and had a low budget for port spending. This year doing new ports St.Martin, San Juan and Labadee. Might do a mix some cash some checks as back up.
  15. oh good got nervous for moment. 82 days don't need any surprises...lol. All happy thoughts
  16. We did pasion island and enjoyed it. It's about a 20-30 min boat ride but simply was paradise
  17. Thanks for advice. Guess I need to start looking into a lunch spot. Need a dinner spot for pre cruise any suggestions?
  18. Never an issue. Like mentioned above keys passport wallet go in safe...cameras when not in use usually are put in suit case that is in the closet.
  19. Has anyone done airport transfer using RCC from Port Everglades? If yes was it pretty smooth process. If No did you use another service? I am playing traveling agent for this cruise which happens to be our first away from our home port in Galveston. Normally I hope off boat, get in car and drive home in record time. I am worried we may get to airport to early (flight is at 4pm) but that maybe a blessing in disguise.
  20. I can see how someone maybe feels Jaded over time especially if you cruise a lot. Most beach excursions or excursions in general can have a common feel. We all feel we are being over charged sometimes but the way I see it is sometimes that little extra is for convenience and sometimes peace of mind. for the most part the details are taken care of for you. I personally book cruises for the experience on the boat and the destinations. If there is blue water I am there. I love the Carribean and want to check off as many islands as I can. Most of my cruises have been the normal key west..Cayman ..Jamaica ..Cozumel..Bahamas trips. Mostly due to cost. Live in Texas so cheaper to leave out of Galveston. This year we are flying and leaving out of Florida which opens up a little more eastern itinerary of st. Martin, Puerto Rico and labadee,Haiti I agree some places don't always feel safe but I just stay aware of my surroundings and try not to be to much of a tourist. I stay respectful ..say hello if I make Eye contact and say no thank you if approached to buy something. Most vendors are just trying to hustle to earn money. I can appreciate that. The best experiences have been trying local cuisine and swimming in that blue water I talked about. At restaurants I usually ask the waiter what their favorite dish is or what is popular on the island. I do a little extra research and see if I can find things to due that aren't part of an excursion and other tourist have stated have been good safe experiences. I agree about Jamaica and Bahamas and feeling a little more on guard but for those stops that is when I pay a little extra to be whisked away to a beach resort with free drinks and blue water of course
  21. Thanks. It's high on my "might do" list. We will be shopping just at the boardwalk area just not sure if this will be the beach we swim at. It is leading due to cost and proximity.
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