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Grandeur of the Seas Questions

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I was in an interior on deck 2 last July.  Hot as blazes outside.  Upon going to bed I cranked the thermostat down all the way because i sleep better when it's cool in the room.  I woke up freezing.  I had to get up and turn the thermostat up.  I quickly learned the ideal range to adjust the thermostat so i could sleep better at night without requesting more blankets.

My cruise was before football season but we have several Grandeur fans here including @coneyraven, the Grandeur Poo-Bah.  I'm betting he knows.  

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I'll start with the second question first ....

Yes, in fact, we've watched NFL games on the big screen by the pool ..... but if not there, usually you'll be in luck at the casino bar.

As for the first question ..... we've always had an interior (Deck 3) ---- My wife tends to like our bedroom to be cold like a meat locker .... she was completely comfortable, so, for normal people, it may be a bit on the cool side ...... of course, it's all subjective.

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Sailed on GoTS this past January, NFL games were broadcast on the big screen by the pool, in the casino, and in the Schooner Bar.

Our interior stateroom temp (Deck 4, Forward) was quite comfortable for both of us. Which is amazing since I am usually too warm & my wife is nearly always cold!


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