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Hi everyone,

I think I've made a mistake by researching a little *too much*, you find out info, but then you keep digging and get all the bad too!  I totally understand that you can't please everyone and every cruise/port/ship/company is going to have those comments of unhappy people, but something I'm concerned about is excursions by myself with my kids.

I've read a couple places that say Jamaica is dangerous and so are other ports of call.  I was wanting to do some structured excursions (looking at the horseback riding in Jamaica and possibly something in Cozumel) and I for SURE am not going to roam around anywhere on our own, but wondered if anyone could share some advice?  I want my kids to see some interesting things and experience different cultures, but I definitely don't want them to be in danger!!

Thanks for any advice :-)


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I think it depends on your view of dangerous.  Every U.S city can be considered "dangerous".  Take Chicago for instance.  It's a great place to visit but there are certain areas to stay away from. If you listen to the news, you would think the entire area is flooded by shootings. I'm not trying to be flippant of your concern and understand that traveling with kids can be very nervous.   

There are many people who stay on the ship in Jamaica and others who love it.  If you are willing to do a RC structured excursion, then safety in Jamaica really won't be an issue.  Of course, accidents can happen but you wouldn't be in "danger" from what I assume you mean violence.

Cozumel is different than mainland Mexico.  Many of us do not book RC excursions as we find the island very safe.  We jump in a taxi and go to a beach resort.  Once again, if you want you could do an RC excursion which provides transportation to feel safer but that just costs more than on your own.  Matt has many blog posts on Cozumel on things that he has done on his own. 

If there is a serious civil unrest, RC may skip that port.  They will base that on the state department and their own knowledge of the area. 

I find that anywhere (in port or in my hometown), things can happen.  I'm not flipping through wads of cash at either place.  Use your common sense safety precautions and you will be find. 

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I understand your concern.  There ARE a lot of scary stories out there about "excursions gone wrong" and sketchy parts of town, etc.  ...but I will say, that excursions booked through the cruiseline have extremely good reputations.  If the excursion company did not offer their customers a safe and enjoyable experience, Royal Caribbean (and all of the other cruiselines) would not use them and the companies would go broke without their business.

As far as Jamaica goes, just stick with a ship's excursion and don't be wandering around out in Falmouth by yourselves.  Everything will be fine. You and your children will be safe and have a great time !!  For COZ, you have nothing at all to worry about.  That is a very safe port.

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Great points everyone.  Thank you.

I also figured roaming through markets trying to buy things and showing cash is DEFINITELY not what you should do anywhere (US included!!!)  I've traveled Europe on my own and knew what to do there, guess you get a little more concerned with kids---although they aren't babies, a 17 year old young man in tow would definitely be more safe than a 17 month old!


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Agree with @WAAAYTOOO , Jamaica, go on a structured excursions through the cruise ship and you will be fine, Cozumel you should not have any issues, ship excursions or roaming on your own, Cozumel is very safe, but as someone stated above, trust your instincts, there are places in every American city that you probably should go and probably don't, so trust your instincts in the cruise ports and you will be fine.

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