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very first cruise points go towards Crown & Anchor?

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We will be taking our first cruise with RCCL (reformed Disney cruisers) for Alaska South Bound (July 2019) in a Grand Suite. I understand that after the first cruise with RCCL, cruisers are automatically enrolled in Chrown & Anchor. My question is: will the double points (Grand Suite) from that first cruise be the first points applied to our Crown & Anchor accounts or will the points start to accrue AFTER our next cruise in December 2019?

Many Thanks,


Rolla, MO

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You will receive double points for your first cruise.  They will appear on your C&A account about 1 week after you complete the cruise.  I’m not sure, however, that the enrollment takes place automatically.  I believe you still have to manually open the C&A accounts.  This can be done prior to your cruise at which time your status would be “pre gold”.

Maybe they have changed things and enrollment is automatic these day.  You used to have to open the accounts yourself.  In the “old days” you could not even open a C&A account until you had completed at least 1 cruise but I know that has changed so maybe they automatically open an account for you these days.  

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Enrollment is automatic, but they don't seem to tell you ?.  DD's have been on 2 cruises (5 years ago & 2 months ago), & I had no C&A numbers for them. I emailed them last month with their reservation # for the May cruise, & told them that they had been on Explorer 5 years ago. Within 2 hrs, I got a reply with their C&A numbers & their correct points (16 -- a 9 night & a 7 night cruise).  Just email them before your cruise w/ your itinerary, res #, etc & see if they already have a number for you.

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