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Port of Miami

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21 hours ago, Guy Gadwa said:


FYI, Royal's web page may be out of date.  This service was provided to us in Seattle in September.  It was a great time saver!

Not surprising to hear that their site is outdated.  Thanks for the info!

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I was on Allure in October (Fort Lauderdale) and it was offered from there to Fort Lauderdale airport, but there were some restrictions on it, I think it was that my flights had to be after certain time.

Whatever the restrictions were, they were not going to work out for me because I was flying out of the Miami airport and my flight was to early.

So they may be at Miami, but you still have to meet specific criteria before they will take your bags.

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2 hours ago, twangster said:

Port Everglades offers MIA or FLL.  

MIA - Flights 2pm to 11:59pm. AA, DL or UA.

FLL - Flights 11:30am to 11:59pm.  AA, AS, DL, B6, UA, WN.   (WN 11:30am to 6pm)

Hopefully PoM gets it soon.  I like using it.

Southwest is also a part of it.

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