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  1. Do points that I earn in the casino on one cruise carry over to my next cruise or do they expire at the end of each cruise? Thanks.
  2. We are on Brilliance 4/5-4/20/18 for a TA. Our 1st one so really looking forward to it.
  3. I personally would not travel without having suitcases locked. We put them on when we are through packing them and then take them off when they get to our cabin...and reverse when the cruise is over. All valuables and meds are in my carryon but we just feel comfortable when they are locked. We got the TSA approved ones at Amazon...very simple to use.
  4. We went to Labadee for the 1st time last Jan. We were pleasantly surprised and it is now one of our favorite ports. We are not beach people so we booked the Discover Haiti cruise which was wonderful. It is a 90 min. tour around the area. Our tour guide was excellent....very informative, polite and a great sense of humor. We learned so much about the island. I would highly recommend it.
  5. I also use my hair flat iron to get wrinkles out.
  6. Make sure your watch or phone is set to ship time...not the time of the port where you are! :)
  7. We are cruising on NOS 12/7/18 out of Miami to Labadee and the ABC's. Cannot wait. Hubby has been to all 3 on scuba diving trips but I have never been there. Any must do's? Scuba is out because hubby had a heart attack in '06 and we really are not "lay on the beach" people.
  8. If you like Pina Coladas, try the BBC. Similar but so much better...addictive! It is made with Banana, Bailey's and Pina Colada mix. Available at any bar.
  9. NP I just assumed that Southwest would be SW but we all know what happens when we assume! :)
  10. Southwest is also a part of it.
  11. That's too bad...it is a great service!
  12. Congrats on Platinum! I know what you mean about their website...they really need to figure out and fix the problems once and for all!
  13. We are gold but we do not have a gold sea pass card...it is silver. I have a question on C&A. We just finished a cruise on Harmony on Jan 13 during which we turned platinum. The RC website...and C&A...still show us as gold. How long does it take for them to update your "status"? Thanks!
  14. We just got off Harmony last week. We had enough points for a $300 certificate...hubby $200 and me $100...and they gave us our certificates right there in the casino. I also have another casino question...are your points ongoing from cruise to cruise or do they expire at end of current cruise and you start at 0 on your next cruise? Thanks!
  15. Hi everyone! Can someone tell me if the Port of Miami uses the Luggage Valet program? Thanks!
  16. Suggestions on how to prepare tickets in advance? This is the first time we have been to these cities. Thanks!
  17. Hi. We are going on our first TA next April. Ports of call are Azores, Cobh, Dublin and Waterford and Amsterdam. We are flying out of Amsterdam the same day we arrive so no time there. Do you have any suggestions for the other 4 ports? I am particularly interested in Ireland as all my grandparents were born there. We would like to use local companies for excursions as the ones offered by the cruise line seem very expensive. Thanks for any help/advice.
  18. I somewhat agree with you. However, I think if a cruise line was to go totally non smoking, they would be out of business shortly...there are still a lot of smokers out there that cruise. Also, I detest heavy drinking. Maybe they should tax booze to make that unaffordable. I think the only happy medium is to have a smoking section...casino and 1 deck....and a drinking section...maybe just 1 or 2 bars instead of the number they have now. JMO
  19. I could be wrong...has happened once or twice.
  20. From what I heard, they flicked their cigarette.....and a gust of wind blew it into the cabin below theirs and started the fire.
  21. I believe this is the fire that caused all the cruise lines to ban smoking on balconies.
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