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Can Free onboard credit be used to pay for gratuities?


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I am going on the FOTS in March, 2018 and have not cruised in years with RCI. I am wondering if the free onboard credit given by RCI can be used to pay for the gratuities. I was not given a lot of OBC, and am willing to pay for the difference, of course. Any advice/knowledge would be truly appreciated. Thank you.

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What resting birds is saying is that he prepaid his grats recently(on a booked cruise) because the tip price has just gone up $1.00 per day/per person. He had a chance to get grandfathered in at the existing price on a booked cruise, so he prepaid.

I thought about it for a while(have a couple on the books), decided that because we generally have OBC from RCI and T/A(as opposed to free grats), it would be in my best interest to use OBC for grats. On longer sailings, grats can well exceed the $400 mark.

I think this "grandfather" window is past now though.

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