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Sailing on the liberty in Feb. Any tip appreciated


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1 hour ago, Dinabug38 said:

Just got off the Allure last week. Amazing! Now, compliments of Casino Royale, we are heading out on the Liberty in February. 

Any insider tips would be greatly appreciated! Dining, entertainment, smoking areas, casino etc...

Thanks in advance for all your wisdom,



Glad you enjoyed the Allure, we love that ship! Haven't been on the Liberty, but, one tip I can share with you (which is pretty much across the board for all cruise ships) is do not eat the scrabbled eggs in the Windjammer on the buffet line....they are re-reconstituted powdered eggs.:70_poop:  Stick to the fresh omelet station and get yours scrambled there if that's what you want. :27_sunglasses:

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Hey Dina, we love the Libby, crew, activities, coffee, dining, atmosphere, mall, music, drinks, plus some.   If you are driving in from the east,  in May, I-10 was a grease fire (hwy construction) from Beaumont to Lake Charles (maybe the fire will be out by Feb).  If your cruise is even half as good as ours was, you're in for a great time.:12_slight_smile:


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Agree with @pops946 , we love t he liberty, we have 2 more trips already booked on her, she is much like Allure just not as big, but no mistake she is still big.

Tip of flying in, Houston is about an hour drive so figure having some kind of transfer, if you are coming in early there are plenty of hotels around Galveston.

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