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Checking in 4 people from different states

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Has anyone checked in people who reside in different states?  4 girlfriends will be going on a cruise and I would like to check in all of them at once.

can I upload pictures of my friends in the app?

can I enter their passport information by hand instead of taking a picture, as I will not have them?


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I'd recommend checking in for everyone but just doing the boarding time selection. Then you can all get on the ship together. Each person can then go on the app (or website) at their leisure and add their photo and passport.

If you're all in the same cabin it's easy. If not, just make sure the reservations are linked.

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3 hours ago, MindiLou said:

I didn’t think the app or website you let you get to that section until after you put in their passport information?


The app is supposed to allow you to skip directly to the arrival time (the website never has) but I have had very very poor luck with checking in with the app so I never even bother anymore.

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