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Great experience for the family. Recommended for strong swimmers, but life vests are available for intermediate swimmers.

Consider having a driver to take you so you can stop and do other things and be a part of a smaller group - we can recommend a driver.

It is beautiful there and you will have an exciting time climbing and jumping off the rocks of the waterfall and high platform. 

The experience is AMAZING! Between the tranquil waters, pleasant vibes and the wonderful tour guides, your time spent here is well worth it. Very therapeutic and you are able to hike all the way to the top and jump into the "lagoon" . www.coolblueholeochorios.com


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Love Blue Hole. That is my family's second favorite excursion (first being snorkeling off of Roatan...except for the youngest who prefers Blue Hole). We hired a private driver (Tour Jamaica Today) who arranged a Blue Hole guide for us. I didn't think it took 1.5 hours...a bit over an hour and our driver was slow and cautious...constantly was passed by others.

It sounds crazy but my younger children even did it. My kids were 15, 12, 8 and 4 at the time. A preschool friend had just spent a week in Jamaica and highly recommended it and I trusted her when she said even her youngest had done it.  All my kids were good swimmers but the youngest 2 were still in life jackets (I brought our own for the youngest as I want to make sure the size is right) and they were carried many times in faster water by our guide. They didn't do the highest jumps (and neither did I) but plenty of medium size jumps. Older kids and DH had a blast with the big jumps. 

One of the best parts about it is that there are jumps for everyone and the guides were amazing. Its a beautiful area and so much fun. Just bring your water shoes.


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On 9/25/2017 at 11:08 AM, Matt said:

Do you have other photos to share? I always wanted to go here.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the bus ride is roughly 1.5 hours?

Google Cool Blue Hole site or their Facebook page you will see tons of photos there. Also bus ride will depend on your pickup location. From Ocho Rios its about 20 mins ride.





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The Cool Blue Hole  is the number one hot spot to go to on the island if you are looking for water adventure.  You can even do combos tubing. horseback etc..

Cliff jumping was a thrilled adventure. You can see pictures on their sites www.coolblueholeochorios.com. If is like getting lost in paradise, Lagoons, waterfalls, caves and it's natural forestry makes it a complete dream of nature.


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