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Celebrity Ship Updates

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Just listened to the latest webcast from Celebrity, in the Q&A session Laura Hodges Bethge was asked about updating the ships that missed their upgrades due to the pandemic. She confirmed they are looking at updating the Solstice class ships but was non committal re the Millennium class ships, stating they were nearer the end of their life. Sad as we love the smaller ships, we're hoping they don't follow Royal by building ever larger ships.

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Infinity just got a bit of a refresh with new carpeting in places, new retreat lounge, bigger luminae.  They also changed the family balconies to "sunset suites" which will be part of the retreat.  

Millennium and Summit got revolutions before Covid.  The others in the class may get similar to what Infinity just got.  

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The cabin upgrades were welcome and nice.  Many of the public areas and specially restaurants did not get a renovation.  Retreat upgrade from Michaels club isn't spectacular, as they really don't have the space to create the same experience as Edge class.   Matching color palette is fine for marketing, but didn't add to service experience.  

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