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Itinerary change - Enchantment of the Seas-Miami (Oct. 2th to 1st) - how to deal with it

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Hello folks,

I am coming from Brazil to Miami at October 1st and had planned to sail on the Royal Caribbean 4 Night Bahamas Cruise leaving from Miami aboard the ship "Enchantment of the Seas".

Departure date was October 2th, so I did book a night on Hotwire for October 1st - to get into the ship the next day. Hyatt Regency Miami, near the port area actually.

Problem is thatTODAY I have been warned about an ITINERARY CHANGE.

The cruise will depart one day earlier (October 1st) conflicting with the Hotwire booking!

Anyone has dealt with this? I wrote the Hotwire support, but it is a damn non-refundable fee.

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OP can you confirm which year you are talking about ?

I am looking at booking the 9/29/17 cruise on Enchantment which is scheduled to return to port on 10/2/17.

The website is showing the 9/29 and 10/2 cruises as available for booking and the 10/2 does have an itinerary change warning listed on it but it is just for re-ordering the ports no indication that it is leaving a day early.

Would seem strange to reduce the 3 night on 9/29 to a 2 night and then presumably extend the 4 night on 10/2 to a 5 night ? Unless they are trying to squeeze something in ...

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I see that they switched on of our ports on my cruise for November, should they have notified me? I booked through a TA but even they did not notify me. I found out when I logged into Roll Call. I am uncertain if I should contact anyone yet, as I am sure it was switched for a reason but they still should of notified me I feel.

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