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Cozumel excursions--- Paradise Beach or Nachi Cocom

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I will be visiting Cozumel during the Royal Caribbean Blog group cruise in December. In the past, I have not done any excursions while in port, just simply walked off the ship and toured the port. However, I had read @Matt's post about Paradise Beach and its all-inclusive offerings. What I like about it is that they have a heated pool. Since we will be there in December and have been to the Caribbean in December and it has been chilly, I like the idea of a heated pool. But I have heard about Nachi Cocom during recent podcasts and decided to check it out online. Now I am torn. Nachi seems to be more my style with its max capacity set to 130 people so it would not be too crowded and more of a laid-back vibe. My question is this. Price-wise, they seem pretty much the same. While there is a nice discount code for Paradise Beach through Royal Caribbean Blog, which one of these resorts would be better for a family with a younger child (9 years old) and me who likes to sit in the sun with a Gin and tonic in hand?

If you have have been to both places, I would love to know what your thoughts are on either place. 

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They are similar in what they offer but Nachi Cocum is much quieter.  Paradise beach has more people, but also more to do.  Both have a very nice pool.

The biggest difference is the blow up water stuff at Paradise Beach that can be fun for the kids.  

We like both and typically pick PB when my teenager cruises with us, and Nachi Cocum when it is just my wife and I.

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I recently booked our tickets for Paradise Beach, but got an error message that RCBLOG was an invalid promo code. Is this a me issue or is the code no longer valid? I have reached out to Paradise Beach for confirmation on this code. I will share their update as soon as I get it. Just curious if any others have encountered this. Going to Cozumel on the December group cruise. Hope to see Matt and family at Paradise Beach. 

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