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Trunk Bay Beach- St Johns or Magens Bay St Thomas???


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We were at Trunk Bay in April of 2013, had a fantastic time. Really enjoyed the snorkeling course that is marked very well and not too deep water. What was more fascinating were the pelicans. Our travel group was 10 adults and we would be in waist deep water with schools of small fish swimming near us. The pelicans would dive right into them less than 20' away from us and come up with a full mouth pouch of fish! They didn't mind us at all. I recommend Googling Trunk Bay.😎

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Here's our plan for going to Trunk Bay (I've padded some of the timings below by several minutes, just to be on the safe side):

7:00 AM - Ship arrives at St. Thomas.

7:30 AM - Take cab from cruise port to Red Hook (45 mins).
8:30 AM - Take 8:30 AM ferry from Red Hook to Cruz Bay (20 mins).
9:00 AM - Take cab from Cruz Bay to Trunk Bay (15 mins).
9:30 AM - Arrive at Trunk Bay. Snorkel, swim, etc.
12 Noon - Take cab from Trunk Bay to Cruz Bay (15 mins).
12:30 PM - Arrive at Cruz Bay. Walk around, shop, etc.
1:00 PM - Take 1:00 PM ferry from Cruz Bay to Red Hook (20 mins).
1:30 PM - Take cab from Red Hook back to cruise port (45 mins).
2:15 PM - Arrive at cruise port. Board ship.
3:00 PM - Ship departs St. Thomas.
Hope this helps!
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