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Look at the very top banner of this page and you will see "Cruise Compass" click on it, you will have to search through all of the Harmony CC until you find one that includes the stops you want, because I believe Harmony has multiple Eastern Caribbean itineraries.

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32 minutes ago, jce2 said:

I know how to get to the compass but so far have found no way to print copies.  Cant use "Snipping Tool" because once you make the Compass be full page, there is no way to activate the tool.

Unfortunately, the ability to print isn't currently available as an option.

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Actually I found a "sorta" work-around.  Bring the compass up to full screen.  On a laptop press and hold the "function" [FN] key, and the Windows Key, and the "print screen" key together.  This should take a snapshot and save to your pictures directory.  Next you can flip the page and repeat!  I was able just now to print the entire Liberty compass form June so I can mark it up a bit.

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