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Summer 2018 cruise dates for Hawaii

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Not that I've found, I made the mistake of thinking they cruised to Hawaii all year, I was searching for a special cruise for my wife and I 40 wedding anniversary, which will be in 2020, so I was having to look at cruises with fictitious dates, I then saw the Hawaii cruise leaving out of Vancouver and didn't really pay attention to the dates, and thought, OK, this is the cruise I want, about a week later I thought, hey, I'll read through the post and see what people said about this itinerary, when I started ready the post, I saw where Matt had said the same thing, Hawaii was just a re-positioning cruise. So I went back to RCCL's cruise planning web page and started looking deeper, sure enough the cruise is going east in May and west in September, only stopping in Hawaii before heading on to it's final destination, this didn't fit my anniversary date in March, so now I'm looking at a South Pacific/Fiji, to meet my date requirement.  

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On 7/3/2017 at 4:02 PM, iamjohnbamber said:

I thought they had a Hawaiian island cruise that went between the islands? 

You're thinking of NCL.  RC does have cruises that go to Hawaii, but only on re-positioning cruises.

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