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No comedy shows listed to reserve on Allure 6/11 sailing

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There hasn't been any comedy shows available to reserve seats for on the June 11th sailing on the Allure,   only the Ice show, the aqua theater,  Mamma Mia, and Blue Planet.

I've seen several Allure sailings this year that people were able to reserve comedy shows in advance, even posted screen shots in FB groups of it.  This option seems to have been removed when they started doing Blue Planet.
Has anyone else been on a very recent Allure sailing with the same thing?

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I was on Allure last week.  Blue Planet is a show in the Amber theater -- the same theater as Mamma Mia.  We had both Blue Planet and the Comedy show on the trip as well as the other normal shows.  The comedy show was in its own comedy club, which is a separate venue.  I have had trips in the past where the entertainment was not listed in the planner until the last minute, so it may become listed.  Just keep checking.  Also, Allure is only doing long trips now.  People will rush to see the shows on the first few days, but getting to the comedy club later in the trip should not be a problem.

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