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Ripples in the pool


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Looking out my bedroom window, seeing the ripples in the water of my pool created by the fountains makes me think I'm in an outside cabin.  Anyone else think like that or am I just getting excited for my Baltic cruise coming up in August?   Then I see the fountains sputter because of the change from no solar heating to solar heating....  We must be sailing through a storm, but I don't feel it.  Sorry, just thoughts going through my mind because there is no local new on right now.   haha

Hello everyone!  I've been an insider for a couple of months and this site, all the podcasts and Periscopes gets me so excited about cruising on RCCL.  I hope to meet you all on a ship. 

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LOL!  Lurker here.  Love it, just a man that is very busy traveling.  I'm looking forwarded to adding to this amazing group of people.  Cheers!

@Neaxan, I will be sure to message you if I have any questions on the port.  Latvia is where my grandfather is from, so I'm excited about going there in itself.  

@Matt, Thank you!  it's been a long time coming, but I've been following you (along with sharing your wisdom) with my friends and people I meet on the plane.

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