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Fitness Gyms and Vitality Cafe

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The fitness centers on every ship I have ever been on have been top notch.  Very similar to a commercial gym.  The only thing they lack are squat racks and free weight machines. They are all cable machines and each ship generally has at least 1 Smith machine.  They do have plenty of dumbbells.  Still, I have never had an issue getting in quality weight training on the ship.  And they have tons of cardio machines, so that's never an issue.

As to water bottles - no. They have a water fountain, but you will need to grab a water bottle prior to going to the fitness center.  And, if you're an early bird, I'd say plan ahead the night before b/c most of the bars are not open at 6 am.  I've had to go to the Cafe on 5 to get a water to trek back to the Fitness Center on 11 many times.

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