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Mariner of the Seas -- April 15, 2023 -- 5 night

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Sort of an agenda change...I am booking a 5 hour photo tour with Tati Biermas of Cozumel Photo Tours http://www.cozumelphototours.com/ instead of scuba on that port stop on Tuesday April 17. If anyone is on the March 15 sailing and is interested in the photo tour, let me know, and I can give more detail. Tati also offers tag along pricing if people aren't interested in the photography aspect.

I am renting a car and if there are any people interested in the photo tour, I would be interested in sharing the cost of the car rental. The tour will include the eco park Punta Sur (for lighthouse, crocodile lagoon and a small Mayan ruin), the mercado and some street areas around San Miguel.

I will dive in Mahahual and on the second stop in Cozumel.

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4 hours ago, R Turner said:

I will be on the Aptil 20th sailing.  Any recommendations for things to do in Cozumel?

Cozumel probably has more to do than any other port in the Caribbean...so if you haven't been there, here are some thoughts.

1. If you like an all inclusive beach day, I love Nachi Cocom and El Cozumeleno. Lots of others if you google it.

2. There are lots of excursion options in the cruise planner either to book or get ideas for doing third party

3. For one of my sailings next week, I plan on hitting Hemingway Lounge just north of downtown either after a photo tour on the first sailing or after scuba on the second (I am thinking about booking Nachi Cocom on the second with an after lunch time arrival)

4. I also think restaurant and bar hopping in San Miguel is really fun

I almost never linger in the port area because things are over priced and touristy. So, if I want to shop for things, Mega is a Walmart-like store and is easy to get to. That's where I buy things like real vanilla (half the cost than at the port), chips, etc when I am there. You can also hit a Farmaceria and stock up on your favorite anti-biotic...it's good to use cash for purchases and taxis, etc.

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On 4/15/2023 at 9:14 PM, Matt said:

@DunkelBierJay did you make it onboard?

Sorry Matt...I just saw this...wrapping up leg #2 on the four-nighter currently. The flavor of this sailing is much different than the first which had about 1000 more kids on board. This one had many people staying out all night and was much louder than the other. I would have predicted the opposite.

Sorting through lots of pics from both sailings. Several are posted on @highseasnomad on Insta if you want to see any, with a lot more to come. Otherwise, I will post some in a review post in the live blog section in a few days.

It was great seeing you. I enjoyed your Wednesday podcast.

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