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Can anybody help we are due to go on Indy in June and have had our documents come through and they have put our dining time down as 5pm, there are 5 in our group and they have all had the same notification. when we booked last year we asked for are usual dining time of 6.30pm.

I emailed them and said that 5pm was to early they have now come back to us to say it is 5pm or 8pm take it or leave it.

Has anybody had the same problem?? 

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Freedom class ships seem to have their "traditional dining" times set only for too early and a bit too late. My Freedom of the Seas booking only has 5:30 and 8:30 for traditional dining, and then MTD starting at 6:30. We decided to go with the later dining hour just so we're not racing back to the ship to shower and change for dinner on port days.

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33 minutes ago, miotti said:

They actually called my sister- in - law and spoke to her and said this is all thy could offer 5pm or 8pm

Interesting. Is that the traditional seating? Have you considered my time dining for a later time, like 6:00 or 6:30? 

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