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Shore Excursion Feedback


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Anyone know how to give feedback on the shore excursions?  When I booked mine, I read other cruisers reviews.  But, I can't see how to provide it on the website.  I took the post-cruise survey RCL emails, but it only asked generic questions about shore excursions in general and never gave a place for written comments.

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3 hours ago, Stephanie said:

Thanks, Matt.  That's too bad.  I find the reviews really helpful and would like to provide my own.

I would be remiss in not encouraging you to share your review of the excursion here in these message boards!

Alternatively, the tour might be on a site like TripAdvisor, which also allows for reviews.

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Yeah isn't it convenient that they removed that feature not too long ago? I loved reading those reviews before deciding which excursions to book through RC. I even did a few reviews while I was on the Allure last year at the Shore Excursions Desk-they said it was a new feature they were trying out, giving guests the ability to give feedback while still on the ship.

They probably took the reviews away because a majority of them were bad which probably led to lower sales of excursions. However, with them gone now I am booking less and less shore excursions through RC than before because I want to see reviews. So now I head over to Trip Advisor and book through the tour company instead.

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I agree it was better when you could see RCCL reviews before you booked.  I would love it if people would post reviews here.  Maybe we need a site for that.  You can look on Trip Advisor but you have to be careful that you are getting the exact same tour.   Some cruise lines go to the same place but don't offer the same events or time frames.

The Cruise Critic website is a good source because you can see reviews by both the excursion and the cruise line (if you do some digging).  However, that website is full of whiners so take that into account.


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