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Wonder of the Seas - Mar 12, 2023 - Mar 19, 2023 (7 Night Eastern Caribbean & Perfect Day)

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A few additional notes:


- overflow for Windjammer during at stop at St.Thomas today. The overflow is Mason Jar, never knew that was the overflow space for the expanded Windjammer

- the current best show so far on the show has been the Intense Aqua Theatre show. It was fantastic.   
- the Caribbean might good may have been the best MDR meal I have ever had. From the Coconut Shrimp, to the rice and beans, plantains, JERK PORK CHOP and the deserts. Fantastic.  

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Had to reset my password, phone didn’t have the correct one. We got on board no problem, less than half an hour. Haven’t seen Matt but keep looking. We really enjoyed Effectors and we just saw the first one on Odyssey in January. Intense was terrific. Ice show tonight, they didn’t have their props when we saw it March last year. Hanging out in a casita today, beautiful weather.

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My family and I had a 9:35am flight out of Orlando yesterday and made it there in plenty of time.  We self-disembarked and were off the ship by 6:55 and through the port terminal.  The "passport re-entry was via facial recognition and was an absolute breeze, very seamless.  The fact that we disembarked was the key to everything and we were able to see people getting off the ship as early as 6:30am.  We had our Uber waiting for us and we wERE are the airport by 7:40am.  There was no traffic on the way to MCO (Orlando Airport).  We had big concerns of whether our 9:35 departure time was going to be too early, but we made it work.  Going forward we will probably self disembark since it saved so much time not having to find our luggage and waiting.  Wanted to provide our perspective.  


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A few additional observations.

-  Went to Chops on the last night and it was great as always.  Ordered the filet and Salmon and made my own surf/turf.  The chocolate lava cake is amazing as well as the red velvet.  We had the mac/cheese, fries and creamed spinach and they were all spot on.

- the HDMI1 port was available on the back of the tv's and via the remote you can access with channel 0, which leads me to believe you can hook up a console or other HDMI compatible devices.

- Mason Jar is as good as advertised.  The food was really good and the bread and butter they provide prior to the meal is only rivaled by the break at 150 park.  The chicken and greens were fantastic, and the gumbo was good, wish it was roux based versus tomato based but still good flavor.  Even came with two crawfish in the gumbo.  The chocolate pecan pie and bourbon ice cream were great and just an overall great experience.  The bar has very unique drink options and the smokey old fashioned was on point.  Only bad thing was even with a reservation we still waited an additional 30-40 minutes to be seated. 

- As on most cruises the casino was packed every night, I played blackjack the majority of my time while there.

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Just a few more observations:

- Ate in Coastal Kitchen for dinner for the first time.  Really liked the experience and it definitely felt like a more intimate experience and this is where we spent our day six lobster night to eat, and the lobster was great.  The bread-and-butter options are different than MDR and the menu is slightly different, overall, when we stay in a junior suite, we will do it again.

-I like the paper copies of the cruise compass and simply asking my room attendant for one she provided it to me daily.

- On CocoCay hung at Breezy Bay which is next to the over the water cabanas and the chicken shack.  Then went to the Oasis Lagoon, that Lagoon is the biggest party in the Caribbean, insane, but a bunch of fun.

- In St. Thomas went to Coki Bay and greatly enjoyed it.  It was crowded but not like Meaghan's Bay.  You were still able to get chairs and an umbrella.  Our friends who went to Meghan's Bay said they were only able to put their towels down in a small area.  Morale of the story:  There are other options outside of Meghan's Bay in St. Thomas.

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Over all we enjoyed the whole cruise. My wife is still recuperating from knee replacement and found she was unable to sit with her leg bent for the duration of the shows so she missed most of them. My son and I really enjoyed them, quite a bit better than last year when they were not quite ready. Unfortunately my son started feeling off with a couple of days left. At first we thought it was from getting too much sun, he got a bit burnt, but by the last day he was definitely sick. We dropped him at the Hyatt at MCO to catch his flight the next day and started our three day drive home. By the second day I was starting to have the same symptoms, runny sinuses and coughing by now we're all sick, not COVID though we tested, just a really bad upper respiratory.

We had the UDP got all our reservations made first thing on boarding day no issues. Since we like to eat early getting 5-5:30 times was easy. Mostly enjoyed the food although it was way too much for us. Some meals I didn't enjoy, partly because I was trying things I hadn't had before and they may not have suited me. I was disappointed at hooked, we had tried it lat year and found it great, this year not quite as good. We did Mason Jar four times, two brunches and two dinners. I had probably my best meal there the last night so left on a high note.

The only excursion we did was the scenic railroad on St. Kitts, it was quite nice. We had a casita on board for St Thomas and we've been to Cococay so many times we just hung out on the ship.


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