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Cash in shore excursion


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I typically bring enough cash to tip the guide and driver...Depending on the length of the excursion, typical for a big bus excursion is $5 pp for a short shorex, $10 pp for a full day shorex...If the driver has a tough job--like winding roads or lot of driving, anywhere from $2 to $10...Typically tp in local currency...but, if you don't have that, they won't turn down tips in US Dollars...

I, generally, don't bring cash for souvenirs or gifts or lunch...Typically, credit cards work for that...though I'd bring a little extra cash if I might buy cheap snacks or things from street vendors...

For the most part, on mot excursions, you won't get much time on your own...

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I allow 50 to 75 per day. It depends where you are going--will there be an opportunity to spend?   Just got back from Europe where I planned to eat lunch locally at 50 Euros. It was impossible to find a restaurant because of crowds. So we had pizza at 5 euros each. Postcards were 50 cents. Didn't need extra cash.

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